Nexus 6P: Daydream VR Would Kill It


One of the most interesting thing about the Google Pixel smartphones is that it will be coming with the Daydream VR feature. However, those using the Nexus 6P can also experience what the whole Daydream VR is about but that does not mean that it is recommended. [amazon bestseller=”VR” items=”4″ template=”table”] To try out the … Read more

E3 2016: VR Slowly Taking Over, RE7, FFXV, Doom, Fallout 4…


It looks like the future of gaming might be virtual reality after all. Before this, all we have seen and experience with VR are small demo games but that might be changing soon as developers start to introduce more and more VR supported games. Games that will be getting the VR support in the near … Read more Protection Status