Batman Arkham VR: The Jury Is Still Out

Now that the PSVR is here, we should be seeing more PSVR games release. One of the games that will be release this week is the Batman: Arkham VR.

In the last few Batman game, you get to control Batman but now, you can become Batman and you explore Gotham City through the eyes of Batman. As exciting as it sounds, it seems the reviewers can’t decide if the game is actually good or now.

While some think that it wasn’t worth all the hype like IBTimes UK who gave the game a score of 50 out of 100 others like Metacritic was a little more generous with their scoring giving the game a 72. Digital Spy seems to think highly of the game by giving it a 90.

Since the reviewers can’t seem to agree on whether the game is actually good or not, we will have to wait until the fans try it out and decide for themselves.

Steven Estevez

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