E3 2016: VR Slowly Taking Over, RE7, FFXV, Doom, Fallout 4…

It looks like the future of gaming might be virtual reality after all. Before this, all we have seen and experience with VR are small demo games but that might be changing soon as developers start to introduce more and more VR supported games.

Games that will be getting the VR support in the near future includes Fallout 4 and Doom. Both games will be getting the HTC Vive Support in 2017. Ubisoft also announced their new multiplayer VR game called Eagle Flight.

With Sony looking to release their new Playstation VR soon, you can bet that they too will have some VR games of their own to offer. One of the AAA game that will be getting the VR support is the upcoming new Resident Evil 7 Biohazard game. Players can even play the demo using a VR headset now.

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV will also be supporting VR also we do not know if it is for the whole game or just a small part of the game. PC fans will also get a taste of VR with the arrival of Giant Cop.

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