Pokemon Heading To Switch Soon?


The Pokemon games have always been a huge part of Nintendo so it made sense that the franchise will eventually make its way to the Nintendo Switch as well. While Nintendo did not mention anything about the Pokemon games making their way over to the new console, their new posting has lead many to believe … Read more

Overwatch: Blizzard Broke Lucio


Blizzard will constantly review their characters to make sure every character is balanced out for the game. It seems like they were not too happy with Lucio and has now decided to make a few major changes to the character. Based on the changes they made to the character in PTR, some players are saying … Read more

Nokia To Show All Their Cards In Q2


We know that Nokia is preparing to get back into the smartphone market this year and while we have already seen a fair few flagships and new smartphones this year but no far, we have not seen anything from Nokia other than the Nokia 3310. Well, according to Nokia, we will be seeing more of … Read more

Apple iPhone 8 Will Go Back To The Past?


The reason why the Apple iPhone 8 is getting so much attention is because a lot of people believe that Apple has been holding back so that they can impress their fans with this particular model. Since this year is also the 10th year the iPhone has been around, people are expecting something special. While … Read more

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