Mass Effect 4 Likely Plots

With Mass Effect 4 currently in development, players are confuse on how the save file will influence the plot of this upcoming adventure. On top of that, there is that Refusal Ending in Mass Effect 3 which shows the reaper winning the war and harvests every other civilization. In a discussion among the fans, one … Read more

Mass Effect 4: John Dombrow In Demand

Unless you’ve heard, John is the guy that wrote the characters for Wrex, Garrus and Javik from the first trilogy. These are the best characters throughout the trilogy and definitely a fan-favourite. On top of that, the lad was responsible for the superb Genophage plot in Mass Effect 3. As such, John deserves to be … Read more

Mass Effect 4: Expect Nothing More Than A Deja Vu

Despite that fact, Bioware has repeatedly reminded the fans that Mass Effect 4 will still take place in that same Mass Effect universe and won’t lose out its traditional gameplay. The game developer also mentioned that they don’t wish for Mass Effect 4 to be about Commander Shepard and wishes to add something new and … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 & An Epic Conclusion

As such, this crop of fans has been busy plotting out on how Kingdom Hearts 3 should end and the fans agree that it should be epic. Rhapsodyinawesome shared his rendition of the game’s ending and it goes as follow. In the final battle, which is the Keyblade war, Sora finally get his fight of … Read more

GTA 5 Online Patch Update To Ban Hackers & Strip Cash

Now, Rockstar revealed that it will wage war with the hackers. The game developer announced that they will be releasing a patch update which will seize all the hacked GTA Dollars from the players. On top of that, those who are caught cheating will be punished by having their accounts banned. On the bright side … Read more Protection Status