Nexus 6P: Daydream VR Would Kill It

One of the most interesting thing about the Google Pixel smartphones is that it will be coming with the Daydream VR feature. However, those using the Nexus 6P can also experience what the whole Daydream VR is about but that does not mean that it is recommended.

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To try out the DayDream VR feature, Nexus 6P users don’t actually need to have the headset itself but they do need to have the Google Cardboard VR headset. To run it, all you need is the DayDream app which can be sideloaded and the Daydream Controller Emulator on a second phone.

Google have already sent out a warning message on their Google Developer site that the Nexus 6P should only be used as a development model for future Daydream products.

If you were to try it out on your own, the Nexus 6P will most likely overheat within 5 minutes and the apps and VR motion will start to stutter which is all you need to trigger motion sickness so try at your own risk. Protection Status