Payday 3 Confirmed As Part Of Annoucement

Starbreeze announces that they have successfully acquired the Payday franchise. That means that will be getting the full rights to all Payday games including the Payday 2 and even the mobile version of the game. According to publisher Starbreeze, they paid about $30million to buy over the franchise. Besides announcing the new, Starbreeze also added … Read more

Nissan GT-R Nismo: What’s New?


The Nissan GT-R Nismo will be getting a few upgrades. So what did they change this time around? On the outside, the Nissan GT-R will be coming in with a new grille and bumper design. Besides that, the Nissan GT-R Nismo’s shock absorbers, stabilizers, and springs will all be upgraded as well. Under the hood … Read more

Hyundai i30 N: What’s In Store?


The Hyundai i30 N will be coming in as the first model to come under the N performance sub-brand. So what will it be offering? Customers will be offered two model options. The standard version as well as a performance pack model. The Hyundai i30 N will be powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol … Read more Protection Status