Titanfall Gathers So Much Hype Thanks To Simplicity

There buzz on the upcoming brand new gaming title, Titanfall, has reached new heights ever since Respawn released the beta version of the game. Prior to this, the hype for Titanfall has been amazing. Gamers somehow have a love-hate relationship with this future game. When Titanfall was first announced, it carries a lot of potential. … Read more

Titanfall: Max Level Can Be Acheived In 100 Hours

The hype building towards the release of Titanfall has definitely been a roller coaster ride. When it was first announced, it did catch the world’s attention. However, speculations about the game start spreading, Titanfall suffered plenty of criticism. This has forced Respawn to play its card and launched the beta version of the game. A … Read more

Pokemon X & Y: Diancie Mystery Gift, Event & Moves Leaked

The rumours are true! Diancie has finally appeared in Pokemon X & Y. This legendary jewel-type Pokemon has been the buzz in recent months after a leak revealed it to be coming to the game. Those players who’ve have completed their Pokedex might one to return to Pokemon X & Y as they’ve missed out … Read more

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GTA 5: Fans Recreate Pulp Fiction As Part Of Crew Challenge


Who knew that GTA 5 can be the ideal game that can promote a clean and healthy social lifestyle? After all, this latest game from Rockstar has been the game where players can take out all their rage upon by murdering everyone for their own personal sadistic satisfaction. At that is how the world views … Read more

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GTA 5 For PC Now For Pre-Order On Steam With Coupon


The PC community are in for some great news. A PC version of the GTA 5 is about to get released. Over the months, we have seen leaks that confirmed this happening. Despite nothing official coming out of Rockstar, more signs have popped out which speaks for the game developer itself. The latest evidence came … Read more

Poor GTA 4 PC Port Has GTA 5 PC Fans Worried

It has been months since GTA 5 got released and the PC community is still left waiting for its version of the game. Looking back at GTA 4’s porting from the console to the desktop, the fans are definitely worried that GTA 5 will be of poor quality when it arrives on the PC. The … Read more

Fallout 4 & Vault Incorporation Weighed Out

One of Fallout trademark contents is the Vault which is a shelter for the masses to avoid getting killed in the nuclear rain. Back in Fallout 3, the storyline has been about the Vault. The fans are thoroughly entertained by it. This wasn’t the case with the latest Fallout New Vegas where the Vault is … Read more

Xbox One: Titanfall With Be 1080p Eventually?

As we all know, there have been many reports suggesting that the latest Xbox One is only 720p native. This is a major setback with the console as it is not full HD ready. However, gamers on the Xbox One need not worry much about the pixels as Microsoft list of exclusive games is certainly … Read more

Titanfall Features Major Changes Since E3 Reveal

Who would have thought that the Titanfall game that was revealed during E3 is not the same one with the beta release of the game? It is not in the sense that both of them are totally different games. In specific, fans who have followed Titanfall should notice the many changes on the game since … Read more

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