Half Life 3: Getting Weaker With Age

Officially nothing has been announced about Half Life 3, however lack of talk doesn’t mean that rumours have stopped. Far from it, they have been blowing around the net like a whirlwind. Half Life 3 should be announced at some point in the future, the trouble is that we have no idea when. The void … Read more

GTA 5 Tips & Tricks: How To Get XP Post-1.06 Update


When Rockstar released the 1.06 patch for GTA 5 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 fans were not happy as it brought changes to the game as Rockstar pointed out that GTA $ and RP rewards would be based on the time they took to complete. People complained about decreases in payment and more, so … Read more

Tesco: Xbox One Stock Abundantly Available Launch Day

The much anticipate next-gen console, Microsoft’s Xbox One is due for release today. The stocks will be put to the test in meeting the global demands of the masses. Those who have not made a pre-order on the machine don’t have to worry. Apparently, Tesco is joining the list of distributors for the Xbox One. … Read more

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