Android Jelly Bean vs iOS 6: Which Is Further Ahead?

The Apple vs Google debate carries on apace, spurred on by WWDC 2012 and Google I/O. The introduction of Apple’s iOS 6 and Android’s 4.1 Jelly Bean, with their new products, improved features and other surprises has only divided users more. Both giants announced some drastic changes to products and OSs, but can Google oust … Read more

Phone Radiation Levels: DROID RAZR Worst, Galaxy Note Best

A study has revealed that the DROID RAZR from Motorola emits the most radiation of any smartphone on the market right now, reports VR-Zone. The study was carried out by Korea Communications Commission who said that is was the highest radiation amount that has been measured from a smartphone since 2009. Of course prolonged exposure … Read more

Did Verizon Skip Samsung Galaxy Note For This?

A lot of people on Big Red had been hoping to see the Verizon Galaxy Note from Samsung heading their way; however they might have to settle for the Optimus Vu from LG instead. According to DroidLife, there has been an FCC filing for the handset and it has the model number LG-VS950. Will LG … Read more

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Feature: Wink To Unlock

Face Lock is a fun concept and was introduced in Android Ice Cream Sandwich as a security feature but it could be tricked into unlocking. It had been designed to unlock after recognizing your face, but you could trick it into thinking a photo was your real face. Another problem with the quirky software was … Read more Protection Status