HTC Looking To Cut VR Loose

As good as the HTC Vive VR headset was, it was still pretty limited because users can only use it at home. There is also that huge price tag. In a move to make VVR more affordable, HTC has now announced that they are working on a mobile VR headset that is not only more portable but it will also be a lot cheaper compared to the Vive.

We know that the quality between a mobile VR and the actual VR headset is very different. So far, all the mobile VR we have seen does not even come close to offer users the same quality that the proper VR headsets are offering but HTC is looking to change that.

They added that they are a VR company and that they are going to do more than just offer a headset that users can stick their smartphones into. We don’t know what HTC is looking to build so we will have to wait and see for now.

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