Valve Not Playing Around With VR Anymore

We know that Valve has been playing around with possibly VR games for the near future but it looks like they are done playing games as new reports reveal that they are ready to get serious.

According to Gabe Newell, the founder of Valve, Valve has started making new video games for VR. In fact, they are not working on only one but three VR games right now. He emphasizes that these are full games and not experiments anymore.

Newell also reveals that the game will be made with Source 2 and Unity. He of course, did not reveal the title for the game leaving fans wondering if the VR games are going to be a new IP or a continuation of a previous IP.

He finishes by saying that he wants their fans to have a killer experience with their VR Games. Do you think that there is hope that these new VR game might be a half life or maybe a portal game?

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