What Is This Mysterious Moto G Forte?

Fans of Motorola may be interested to hear about an image that has been making the rounds on Twitter thanks to @evleaks. The device is said to be the Moto G Forte, which is heading to Latin America. The image posted shows what appears to be a slightly bulked up version of the Moto G, … Read more

These Kingdom Hearts 3 Styled Images Scream Xbox One & PS4

Gaming concept designs often have a message attached to it. The latest concept design came from DeviantArt user, PrinceMaru and Arisatou, which paints a picture Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series. The design was created for a cosplay project and it certainly looks great. The detail, particles and colours were all well balanced which generated … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S5 Already Hits Stores & Selling Fast

Earlier this month, Samsung went public and unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S5. This upcoming device has been the buzz among consumers and is expected to be the best smartphone yet. The Galaxy S5 is scheduled for a global release on the 11 April. However, the plans have changed and the Galaxy S5 is already selling … Read more

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