Xiaomi Looking To Challenge Samsung’s Gear VR

It looks like Xiaomi wants to have a hand in everything. We have seen then take over the smartphone market and just last week, they showed off their new Xiaomi Mi NoteBook Pro now, it looks like Xiaomi might be ready to take on the VR industry as well.

New reports are claiming that Xiaomi might be announcing a new VR Headset this month. This rumor started after Xiaomi released a new teaser online that suggested that they are working on a new Xiaomi VR headset.

Nobody really knows what the headsets will be all about. Some believe that it might be like the Samsung Gear VR where users can pair it with their Xiaomi smartphones while others think that Xiaomi might take things to another level and challenge VR devices like the HTC Vice and Oculus Rift.

It is believed that Xiaomi will be unveiling it on the 1st of August so we should have more details about it soon.


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