Fallout 4 Trailer Leaked, Controversial Source Leaves Us On Fence

There has been a lot of talk going on over at Reddit about what could be a possible trailer that has been leaked for Fallout 4. The trailer in question is an audio clip lasting 1:56 and you can hear Patti Page singing The End of the World in it along with orchestral music, with a voice from an unknown source. However there is a lot of controversy about the source, Survivor2299 who started the whole hype.

There have been more than 50 comments left on Reddit about the leak, with 81% of people having liked it.

One person said that if this was a fake then it was a very good one. To which someone pointed out that all fakes are good ones.

PlatinKing said “The song at the beginning is The End Of The World by Patti Page, originally released by Skeeter Davis in 1961.
The orchestral track in the middle and the voice at the end remain to be unknown yet, although, according to fellow Redditors, Soundhound claimed the orchestral part is Aterrizaje Inminente by Alberto Iglesias (stream: the lowest one). But it’s not the song.
Is it real or not???”

It has been argued that the recording sounds as though it has been professionally edited and that if this is a new recording then the part of the orchestra would have to be arranged, which wouldn’t be very likely. It was also said that it does sound like some process in the series of Fallout 4 and that it would fit.

Reddit poster Artemus_Hackwell said “Orchestral track in the middle sounds like…very much like…a variant on or inspired by the Fallout 3 and 4 opening themes. More particularly the Fallout 3 one. Just my .02.

If it is a fake; certainly attention to detail. The “what he claims” link is broken; which is not a huge comfort.”

Another Reddit user posted that they were sure it was real as there would be no way that a fake would go so far, and they pointed out that it was unexpected.

DanteAX asked where the source had found it on the internet and pointed out that it did sound atmospheric in the style of Fallout, so did believe it could be Fallout 4 related.

While T51-B said that it sounded legitimate but the link to the explanation of how it was found was broken and this made them doubt its validity.

Meanwhile T-Stark said “Also the last few seconds, from about 1:50 on has the undeniable “Fallout horn” … like :14 sec into here.

Also, seems to end just a bit premature… it would be PERFECT for them to drop “War, war never changes” right at the very end. Maybe they did and cut it out to keep hype up etc etc…”

So it seems that over at Reddit fans of Fallout are getting excited about the prospect of this being an extracted audio cliep from the trailer for Fallout 4, but there is mixed reactions as to whether it is the real deal or a fake. Check it out and see what you think here.

source: Reddit

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