GTA 5 Online: There’s A Crew Going Around Just Killing Cops!

GTA 5 was the must have game when it came out and then Rockstar launched GTA 5 Online. While there were some issues when it first arrived, and apparently there still are some, it has been a huge hit as it allows gamers to take part in robberies, heists and do just about anything they want in a vast open world. One of the things that gamers can do is join a crew, but what is a crew?

Basically a crew in GTA 5 is a gang and it is also publicized at places like the Social Club that Rockstar set up. People make an account on the crew site and then either join a crew or make a new one. You give a name for the crew, choose a tag and colour for your gang along with a slogan. There are also ranks in the crew which is the hierarchy in the gang. On the site you can then manage your crew. In GTA Online the whole crew can then take part in robberies, missions, deathmatches, survival and more.

One GTA 5 gamer recently asked whether or not there was a crew that was centred around killing cops as if not they wanted to set one up. They said they would like to go racing down the road shooting and killing all cops they see. Apparently this gamer doesn’t stand alone in wanting to gun down Los Santos finest as it appears that yes there is actually a crew that has been made to do just this, kill all cops! Surprise surprise they have the name of All Cops Must Die and the crew was set up by Ouchimus 1997.

It also seems that many other gamers are cop haters as we have seen many comments on this subject. However there are some people who are also strongly opposed to the senseless gunning down of cops.

Some gamers posted wanting to know what the GTA 5 gang was and on what system. The person who set up the crew answered it was for the Xbox 360 and sent a link. Another user said that this was totally barbaric and I for one have to agree that it is morally wrong.

Someone posted why not go for a nice walk on the beach instead. To which someone else said to go in a car and run over those walking on the beach.

I think that there are some twisted individuals out there if all they want to do in GTA 5 online is set up a crew with the specific intent to go after cops and just kill them for no reason. Killing them in a shoot-out when robbing a bank may be a different matter if are defending yourself, although it doesn’t make it right. But to go out with the intention of finding cops to kill is morally wrong, at least in my eyes. There is so much more to do in the game and many ways to have fun than to become a cop killer just for the sake of it. But what do you think? Protection Status