League Of Legends: Jungles Pointless? Pinks Horrible? Ward Overabundance?

Are there too many wards? Is the jungle pointless and is pink yucky in League of Legends?

Zer0sixX came up with some good suggestions over on Reddit when they were talking about League of Legends.

For instance people have been saying that the 2-1-2 lanes have become strong ever since double targons. This means that players are able to make a lot of gold and trinkets that you get free keeps the duo lane safe. It also provides protection for the jungle, which means you don’t have to invest money into the wards.

They also pointed out that the wards are inefficient when it comes to removing them as you have to pay out 100g to get rid of something that is there for just a minute or so. What’s even worse is that the enemy managed to get this for free. Of course there is the fact that you also have to put a stealth ward on top of the pink to keep an eye on it.

Zer0SixX also said that you can scan one of the opposition’s wards every minute if you know where they put it. However it’s not an easy thing to search for wards with.

It was pointed out that the “jungle role is supposed to provide an extra bit of gold flow as well as map pressure. Gold flow is still limited, and the wight camp isn’t as big a help as was hoped for, and the map pressure has been limited due to excess vision, which is a big part of the reason why 2-1-2 lanes are such low risk-high reward.

It was suggested that perhaps more map control could be pushed onto the role which should put pressure on the map. There could be an oracle wight if you don’t happen to have an oracle elixir handy. Now there’s an idea. Upon killing you could gain the buff for a few minutes as you would with any other.

This would put power back into the junglers without the need to nerf numbers on the 2-1-2 strategy. The vision wars would return and this would bring more pressure to invade the buff object, along with there being more aggression, pressure and control.

“2-1-2 is too safe. Too much gold + trinket wards is low risk high reward, making jungle more useless. To fix, add oracle’s buff to wight camp, bring the vision war back.”

Of course there could be problems with this but a lot of them could be solved.

The first issue is the nerf to stealth champions which would take you back to the problems of s2/s3. While this would be true it is a slight nerf with an oracle that does happen to localised and there would only be two on the map at any given time. If you are good at strealth champs you can get around this. Stealth of course was given a big buff with this patch as you always know when someone can see you thanks to the visible pink wards.

Another issue is that duo laners could take them. Some people have said only to smite kill, but a late spawn on the wight could be a better answer here. Duo laners may be able to take it then, but of course they would lose a lot of lane pressure along with cs.

On xZeroun there should be limitation on the buff when giving the Wight oracles aspect. There could be another Unique passive added, such as UINIQUE passive – The Wights Eye – Upon killing the Wight. You could perhaps get stealth protection for about two minutes or something similar to make sure that laners wouldn’t be able to abuse it.

Another great idea was that Vaalyr could be a way of punishing the duo laners that wanted the buff, they could trade camp with wolves and this would take it far away from the duo lanes as it possibly could.

So these are some of the great ideas of Zer0SixX for League of Legends , but what do you think?

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