GTA 5: Invisible Subway Cops Glitch Discovered

In the general style of GTA 5, one person decided to test their luck with the cops in the game and chose to have a shoot-out with them, as you do of course. This took our reader to the underground train lines, where a stand-off took place with the police. Now this is where things got interesting.

Our readers said that they got down onto the platform and they found that they were being attacked but there was nothing there. They tried to lock on to someone and to their surprise they did. They shot and it was a cop they shot as after they shot them, the cop appeared by magic.

So this brings up the question of whether this was just a glitch in GTA 5 or game of that person?

Well it seems not as we have had multiple readers get in touch with us about the same thing. Cops that are invisible until you shoot them.

One reader even pointed out that there crosshairs would stick to something invisible ahead of them and then they got fired at. They said that this is something that only happens on the subway.

Another reader said that the same thing happened to them when they drove onto the platform of the subway. They were being fired at but they couldn’t see who was doing the shooting.

While one reader said that they thought the GTA 5 glitch had been in the game since 1.01 or 1.02. They could remember fighting with people in the subway tunnels when the game first came out and there weren’t any invisible cops then.

So it is looking as though it is just another of the many glitches that Rockstar will have to fix. Protection Status