League Of Legends Season 4 Preseason Ranked Play Intelligence

Those who played the League of Legends season three are now able to take a short break as the season is over. Each accomplishment, score, reward and rank that they have earned have been logged and are being accumulated, while the gamers set their sights on Season 4 in the future.

Riot Games are behind the game and they were fast to make the announcement of Season 4 and it is looking as though they are going to reset the game, thanks to some major changes along with additions.

Players can still play with ranks intact while all of this is being made clear. Their rankings are to be based on accumulations as of 11th November 2013. Before inactivity would gradually decrease the rank of the player but this has now been disabled. But you may wish to bear in mind that inactivity does still have an effect on the Challenge Tier. This will soften impact on players when Season 4 begins.

Season 4 will start soon and players will then be able to see changes to the jungle, support and masteries, all of which should prevent and reduce the risk of attempts by people to get an early advantage.

So make the most of your ranks now while they are still intact.

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