GTA 5 PC Download Leak Spread Across Web Faster Than Any Virus, Ironically It Was Just That

GTA 5 is one of the most controversial games that Rockstar has ever released for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Meanwhile PC owners are still waiting with fingers crossed for it to be released for them.

Some owners of the PC have been regretting actions they took when they downloaded what they thought was a legitimate GTA 5 game for the PC. The large file came from a blog that conned them into downloading a file which had been posted on a torrent website. It did sound convincing as the file size was a huge 18GB in size and the installer did happen to look original.

However when the launcher was run it came with malware and spyware. It seems that owners of the PC have had to pay the ultimate price for their impatience. However everyone wants to get in on the game and when they search for the game the blog and file was at the top of the search engine.

This could have all been avoided if Rockstar had only released GTA 5 on the PC. Now owners of the PC are putting their names on a petition online to get the game. At the moment the list features more than 600,000 names and it is continuing to grow.

Rockstar will release a version for the PC just as they did in the past and the developers of the game will be hard at work on GTA 5 to make sure that the playing experience will be a smooth one.

So until Rockstar give out the official word, owners of the PC may wish to wait and avoid a lot of heartache and a waste of time.

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