Half Life 3: Getting Weaker With Age

Officially nothing has been announced about Half Life 3, however lack of talk doesn’t mean that rumours have stopped. Far from it, they have been blowing around the net like a whirlwind.

Half Life 3 should be announced at some point in the future, the trouble is that we have no idea when. The void between Half Life 2 and Half Life is a vast one, there is little doubt about that.

The series of Half Life has been one that has been very popular with gamers and so there is little doubt that when the game is eventually released it should be a huge success.

But on saying this you do have to take one factor into consideration and that is the fact that age is not on the side of Half Life 3 and the longer the gap in-between the games, the weaker fan base the game could have. Now this isn’t down to the fact that people will go off the game or get fed up of waiting for its arrival. The fact is that fans of Half Life 1 and 2 are getting older as time passes and so their priorities will be changing.

I used to play Half Life and Half Life 2, but since then my lifestyle has changed as during this time I have a family. I still like to play games, but priorities have changed and game playing is not at the top of the list now. There is no doubt that many fans will now be in the same position and their priorities will have had to change.

So let’s hope that Half Life 3 isn’t too far away as all the fans who enjoyed playing Half Life 2 will have grown out of the game.

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