Google Nexus S Jelly Bean Update Sucks

If you know how to, it’s already possible to install the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update onto your Nexus S without calling in the geeksquad, but for those of us who really like to take things easy, then the good news is that a few networks have made Jelly Bean available for over-the-air installations. Google … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note: Which Should You Get?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note are simply the best two Android smartphones from Sammy on the market right now. But which of these great handsets comes out on top as being the best? Let’s take a look at both Galaxy phones to find out which is a better upgrade. Samsung Galaxy S3 … Read more

Two iPhone 5 Features Finally Confirmed (BGR)

There are reports going around that say Apple are in their final production stage of the latest iPhone. However this is not true and there are several stages to go through before manufacturing takes place explains BGR. One is the engineering verification test and the other the design verification test. BGR on iPhone 5: “LTE … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Biggest Problem: Just Too Fragile

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is right at the top of the smartphone food chain right now, garnering admiration from Android and iOS fans alike. But is it totally without flaws? Samsung Galaxy S3 more fragile than expected Of course not – nothing is ever perfect or totally future-proof – there’s always something that could be … Read more Protection Status