Google Nexus S Jelly Bean Update Sucks

If you know how to, it’s already possible to install the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update onto your Nexus S without calling in the geeksquad, but for those of us who really like to take things easy, then the good news is that a few networks have made Jelly Bean available for over-the-air installations.

Google Nexus S Jelly Bean update brings about bugs

These glad tidings come from Google itself, which has said that Three, Rogers, Vodafone and T-Mobile are on the list of carriers. These biggies aren’t the only networks up for a bit of Jelly Bean action either, as Wind and Mobilicity customers are also set to get Android 4.1.

Engadget has also managed to confirm the T-Mobile US rollout, which will bring a bit of relief, as currently the 114MB download can only be had via Wi-Fi.

Now I personally am still rocking a Google Nexus S as I try and hold it out for the next bunch of Nexus smartphones. Sure the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is great but if rumors of upto 5 new Nexus smartphones launching this holidays is true, I think I will hang tight for a while.

Back to my Nexus S, I have gone the manual root  and updated my Nexus S to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. Now at first glance I noticed that Project Butter did have a good effect on the homescreen transitions as it did feel smoother. However that’s where the fun stops. Since Android 4.1 Jelly Bean I have experienced a couple of problems:

Poor battery life: After the getting the bump up from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich, I did notice a somewhat higher battery consumption. Now it has become even worse with Jelly Bean. I mainly use my Nexus S for reading and web browsing, with videos and games at a minimal.

Slow apps like Gmail: This one is  a shocker given that Google is responsible for both Gmail and Android. I found that loading emails takes longer now. Whether it has to do with some mod to the way Gmail interacts with Android 4.1 or something entirely different, we are sure it can be sorted by an update.

New SMS messages: This is by far the worst issue I’ve experienced since bumping my Nexus S up to Jelly Bean. While the SMS app works perfectly fine, if I attempt to compose a new message instead of opening an existing one, the app seems to freeze for anywhere from 10 seconds to even a minute.

Are you experiencing issues with your Google Nexus S after the Jelly Bean update? Do tell us. Protection Status