Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note: Which Should You Get?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note are simply the best two Android smartphones from Sammy on the market right now. But which of these great handsets comes out on top as being the best? Let’s take a look at both Galaxy phones to find out which is a better upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note

When it comes to displays the Note has a 5.3 inch screen that does not suit everyone. However if you have fading eyesight then it is a blessing. The Samsung Galaxy S3 of course has a superb screen of 4.8 inches and it doesn’t weigh down the pocket and is easier to hold so it comes out on top.

Battery life is always a problem and the Samsung Galaxy Note is not known to have a good one. Following 8 hours of use the S3 still has around 40% of its battery left and this was using it average to heavy, so again it comes out the winner.

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note works fine but it was a little on the slow side until it got updated to ICS. The tap to focus feature would not work but it gave some decent results. The S3 on the other hand has a solid camera that is very responsive and thanks to the burst mode you get a series of shots fast. However the colors are a little unsaturated but despite this it wins in this category too.

The interface of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is very smooth when you swipe between screens, enter text and launch different apps. The Note with Gingerbread was not very smooth but did improve with ICS. However it is still not as fast as the S3 possibly due to hardware limitations. Sometimes the Note will freeze and takes some time to respond but after updating to ICS this didn’t occur as often. This has never occurred with the Galaxy S3 during our tests.

One of the things I love about the Samsung Galaxy Note is the S Pen and wish it was on the S3. There are many other differences between the two handsets but overall the Galaxy S3 is the better device. If it had the S Pen then it would have been even closer to being the perfect handset. Protection Status