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Sony Xperia Z2 Compact & Xperia A2: Two Of A Kind

Regardless of how amazing the Sony Xperia Z2 may be, there is still a huge portion of the fans that are hoping for it to come with a smaller screen. Well, this may soon happen with the upcoming, Xperia Z2 … Continue reading

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Chromecast Tutorial: How To Mirror Your Smartphone To TV

There is no simple method to enjoy your smartphone on a TV than with Chromecast. This special tool is now available for Android smartphones and it allows users to mirror their device to their television set. To use the feature, … Continue reading

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HTC One M7 First To Run On Android 5.0 L

Following the unveiling of the Android 5.0 L, manufacturers have been busy tweaking the next OS for their devices. Despite that fact, it is the XDA developers that are ahead as they have successfully ported the OS for the HTC … Continue reading

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Verizon LG G3 Comes With Non-Removable Battery?

The LG G3 has already been released and it is truly a revolution in the smartphone industry. The device is built to offer QHD display, which is the first of its kind in the mainstream market. However, little is known … Continue reading

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OnePlus One Review: The Ultimate Value For Money Smartphone

It seems that more and more consumers are interested in the OnePlus One due to the fact that it is super cheap, but powerful. The smartphone from China has been making a name for itself ever since it got released … Continue reading

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2014 MacBook Air Comes With 4K Resolution!

Just recently, Apple released the latest MacBook Air and it truly an amazing laptop. Aside from the fact that it is light and mobile, some users realized that the MacBook Air can offer 4K output resolution, which is not cited … Continue reading

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LG G Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Gear Live: Fashion vs Function

About a week ago, LG launched its first wearable and it is called the G Watch. On the other hand, Samsung launched the latest Galaxy Gear Live. Both smartwatches have since been added on the Google Play store but which … Continue reading

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Moto X & Moto G Exiled From Germany

It is crisis for Motorola as the company faced a ban from selling a handful of its smartphone in Germany. After months of battling in court over a patent dispute, Motorola has been charged guilty and is forbid from selling … Continue reading

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[DEAL] $100 Savings for Unlocked Moto X

It is deals galore for consumers who wish to own the Motorola Moto X smartphone. The long-serving brand is now selling its flagship device from only $299. In detail, Motorola is slashing $100 off the usual price if the Moto … Continue reading

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[ALERT] Android 4.4.4 Major Security Blow

As great as the Android 4.4.4 KitKat may be, the OS has some serious security flaws which are unknown to the masses. It seems that applications on a device running on the 4.4.4 KitKat can act on their own, without … Continue reading

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LG Nexus 5: The Perfect Smartphone

In the smartphone industry, there is the Nexus 5 and there is the rest. The Google smartphone is truly an outstanding device as it is built to offer ultimate power, yet being cheap. This isn’t surprising really as the Nexus … Continue reading

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2015 Nissan Juke: Finally Looking Flawless

One of the best performing SUVs in history is the Nissan Juke. The vehicle ticks every box to being great except for its design. The Juke cars are often ugly, which is a major let-down for the consumers. Soon, the … Continue reading

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