2017 Ford Explorer: Too Popular For Its Own Good?

Being popular is great but when everybody starts driving one, that might not longer be a good thing. As much as the consumers appreciate a great vehicle, they also like to feel that they are special but you definitely won’t feel that way with the Ford Explorer.

With what the Ford Explorer has to offer now, it feels like everybody wants to own one and some consumers have commented that they are so many on the road right now that they are no longer interested in getting one despite all its offering.

The Ford Explorer will come with a 290hp V6 engine. There is also a 280hp turbo four engine and a 365hp twin turbo V6 engine. The top of the range model will return about 16mpg in the city and 22mpg on the highway. The vehicle will need 5.8seconds to go from 0-6omph and has a top speed of 122mph.

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