Super Mario Run: Android Users Won’t Feel Left Out Anymore

Android users were not too happy when Nintendo decided to release Super Mario Run on iOS first. They got even angrier when they were forced to wait that long for the game to arrive. Well, luckily for them, the wait is now over as Nintendo finally announce the new date for Super Mario Run on Android.

Those looking to get the game can start pre-registering now but the game will only be arriving on the 23rd of March. As we all know, the game will be free to play but you will have to pay for it eventually if you plan to enjoy the full app.

While it might sound like grat news for the fans, some people think that it is too late for Nintendo. The hype for the game quickly died down when iOS player realize that they had to pay to own the full app and people started losing interest in the game.

We do not know how the Android users will respond to the game. What do you think?

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