LG Watch Style: Best Buy Shaves A Huge Chunk Off Price

The LG Watch Style was released this year which is why we were surprised when Best Buy started offering a discount now. The smartwatch arrived with a $250 price tag but if you get it from Best Buy right now, you might be able to save up to $100.

According to Best Buy, the Rose Gold version can now be bought for $180. The Rose Gold model’s original retail price is at $280. You can also get the other models for $180 as well.

Some people think that the reason why Best Buy is offering a discount so soon after its arrival is because the smartwatches are not doing well. While most people were impressed with the design of the LG Watch Style, the missing NFC and GPS was a turn off for many of the consumers and most of them were not willing to pay $250 for a smartwatch with so many missing features.

If you were looking to get one, now is the time.

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