Samsung Nexus 10 2 In The Mix Again

The Google Nexus 10 2 is one of the most rumoured tablets in history. For about 2 years now, fans have been waiting for the tablet and there is still no sign of it coming.

That is until today, when @evleaks revealed that the Nexus 10 2 will be developed by Samsung. The Korean company is not expected by the fans, who felt that the Nexus 10 2 will be developed by either ASUS or LG.

The notorious leakster went on to reveal that the Nexus 10 2 will run on the Exynos 5 processor and also offer WQXGA 2560×1600 pixels resolution. Other features include 3GB RAM, 16 or 32GB storage option, 5MP rear camera, 3MP front shooter and the Android 5.0 L.

Aside from the words of @evleaks, Pocket Link also shared a photo of the Nexus 10 2. Then again, there isn’t enough certainty with the rumours. As such, it is best to take it with a pinch of salt and hope for more announcements from Google.

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Test Out The Android 4.4.3 KitKat

Samsung Galaxy S4 users on Verizon are probably annoyed by the fact that they have yet to receive the Android 4.4.3 KitKat update. The Big Red is the only one left from the big four carriers that has yet to roll out the OS.

Surprisingly, Samsung is also late in updating the international version of the Galaxy S4 smartphone. On a normal day, the Korean company will roll out an update to the unlocked devices before handing the update over to the carriers.

Today, a rumour has surfaced to turn the frowns, upside down on the faces of S4 users on Verizon. It is revealed that the carrier is currently testing out the Android 4.4.3, which means that it is not far from its release.

While Verizon may be guilty of keeping its lips sealed on just about every update, it is worth noting that their firmware is always free of issues.

Nevertheless, it is still frustrating as there is no way one can predict when Verizon will roll out the KitKat. Knowing the Big Red, they will put up the update on their website or roll them out without prior notice.

If there is one thing Samsung Galaxy S4 users on Verizon can be certain of is the fact that the carrier won’t roll the update later than all the smaller carriers in the US.

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Sony Xperia Z3 To Arrive With 50MP Camera And Other Superb Features

Earlier this year, Sony announced that it will stop the annual release approach for its flagship smartphones and release them as and when they are ready.

As such, rumours on the Xperia Z3 have come early and it set the bar high for this future device. It is said that the Z3 will be running on the Snapdragon 810 processor with 4GB RAM. There will also be a 5.4” display that comes with 2K resolution and White Magic LCD.

By far, this is some big improvements from the already great Sony Xperia Z2. This until the rumour gets ridiculous with the Z3’s camera.

In detail, the Z3 will be equipped with a 50MP camera 7 lens, Xenon and LED flash that have a sensor size of 1/1. In addition to that, there will be an 8MP front shooter to offer the ultimate selfie experience.

This ultimate smartphone will be powered by a 4000mAh battery and will be offered with 32/64GB internal storage. Aside from that, the Z3 will be both water and dust resistant.

It is unsure if the rumour is started by a highly hopeful fan but to see and major piece of upgrade from the very new Z2 soon is somewhat delusional. The Sony Xperia Z3 will surely be better than the Z2 but not as great as what is mentioned above.

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2048: The Way To Get The Big Prize

You don’t have to be good at maths in order to achieve the highest score in the latest puzzle game, 2048. All you need is our short guide below and you will be on the roll to victory.

The first step when playing 2048 is to match the numbers horizontally for as much as possible. Avoid doing it vertically as it will jumble up the numbers. The more you stay away from doing vertical swipes, the easier it is to get top score.

Once the base line is perfectly made horizontally and there are no moves in that direction left, start working your way upwards. This way, the top lines will be the biggest number in the game.

Once the big numbers like 512 and 1024 are around, push them to the top right corner of the playing field. This will keep things organized and it will also create a chain of points that will come shortly.

Now that the chain is built, all you have to do is pile on the big numbers until satisfaction. Then, complete the chain and achieve your desired score.

Do note that throughout 2048, do not ever swipe downwards. Doing it even once will kill your chances in getting big scores.

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Amazon Fire Phone Review: A Wasted Effort Without A Carrier

If you dreams of a neat yet exquisite smartphone, there is the Apple iPhone. If performance is you’re first and foremost criteria, there are the Android devices. Today, a new smartphone has arrived and it is express creativity.

The Amazon Fire Phone is now in stores and it is not a device which symbolizes your wealth and also not meant for comparing. Instead, it is everything that Amazon feel that should be on a smartphone packed with an extraordinary 3D screen.

The interface on the Fire Phone is called Dynamic Perspective and it is a high-end software that measures the surrounding to offer the ultimate 3D effect on the screen.

In detail, there are 4 front-facing cameras and infrared sensors that will do the physical measurement between the users’ eyes and the screen of the Fire Phone. Even the slightest of movement from the user’s head will modify the display on the smartphone. That way, the 3D effect will be more realistic. Heck, some might say that it is a step towards holographic.

Aside from that, there is the Firefly feature that is a barcode scanner that is on a whole new level. Users simply snap anything they see and the scanner will identify every variables or content in the photo and see if they are available on Amazon. Snapping pictures with numbers on them will prompt the Fire Phone to save it in the phonebook.

While both technology are relatively new to the world and sounds wonderful, the fact that the Fire Phone is expensive is a major turnoff for the masses. Amazon will surely sell the device well if it is sold with a carrier like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile. With a carrier, the price can be subsidized.

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iPad Mini 2 Retina vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Best Tablet

Mobility, productivity and performance. These are the three words that best describes the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Similarly, the iPad Mini 2 is also built to offer something similar. To identify the best tablet in the market, we have decided to compare both devices until a victor emerge.

In terms of display, the iPad Mini comes with a 7.9” screen that offers 1024x768p resolution. This is very similar to the 8” Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy Note 8.0.

Then, there is the built quality of both devices. The iPad Mini is praised for its metal and glass finish which made it a premium tablet. The Galaxy Note 8 is made of plastic, which isn’t surprising really.

Both tablets offer the same 5MP rear camera. As for the front shooter, the Galaxy Note 8.0 is ahead of the iPad Mini with its larger 1.3MP. Onto the batteries, both the iPad Mini 2 and the Note 8 are on equal footing as they can last about 11 hours on mixed usage.

Under the casings, the Galaxy Note 8.0 is speeds past the iPad Mini thanks to the 1.6GHz 4-core Exynos chip with 2GB RAM. The Apple tablet runs on the old 2-core A5 chip with 512MB RAM.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 landed the killer blow with the S Pen which improves on productivity and adds in tons of other features and functions which the iPad lacks.

Kudos to Samsung for making such a wonderful tablet like the Galaxy Note 8.0. Then again, it is not so bad for the iPad Mini 2 as it comes with the latest iOS 7.1.2.

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Verizon, The Nexus 5 And The Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 5 was released in October last year and it has proved itself to be one of the best smartphones around. The device, based on the LG G2, is built with all the high-end hardwares while having a micro price tag at the same time.

This is why it surprised us when Verizon started selling the Nexus 5. Both Google and Verizon find it hard to see eye to eye and they have yet to secure a business agreement with each other. It is no longer the case as the Nexus 5 becomes the first Google smartphone to join the Big Red network.

While it all sounds great, Verizon decision to sell the Google Nexus 5 provokes the curiosity of many. This is due to the late addition of the device in Verizon’s inventory. Other carriers have already sold tons of Nexus 5 with Verizon joining at a much later date.

Then there is the upcoming Nexus 6, which is expected to arrive in October this year. With only 3 months to go, will Verizon actually profit from selling the Nexus 5?

Verizon’s intention will forever be their own secret but not the Nexus 6. This upcoming device is expected to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 when it gets released.

Word has it that Lenovo will be at the helm of the Nexus 6 productions. On the other hand, many believe that LG will continue collaborating with Google to produce the Nexus smartphone. We expect further confirmation on this when we near Q4 this year.

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 vs Galaxy S3: Age Is Never A Factor

In a single month, Samsung released two new phablets and they are the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Mega 6.3. Both giants are among the latest devices around, although the latter is only a mid-tier device. Even so, will it be able to defeat the much older Samsung Galaxy S3?

In terms of display, the Mega has a large 6.3” screen that produces 233ppi. This is about 31% behind the sharpness of the S3’s 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display, which produces 306ppi.

Being a supersized device, the Mega 6.3 suffers in the shape of poor power efficiency. Despite coming out with a 3,200mAh battery, the phablet couldn’t last as long as the 2,100mAh battery on the S3.

Speed-wise, the Mega 6.3 appears to be the faster device. The phablet runs on a 1.7GHz 2-core Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.5GB RAM and Adreno 305 GPU. The S3 runs on the much older 1.7GHz 4-core Exynos 4 processor with 1GB RAM and ARM Mali 400. Then again, the S3 is still able to handle most highly demanding tasks today.

As for cameras, the S3 is the better device even though both smartphones come with the same 8MP rear snapper and 1.9MP front shooter. This is due to the tons of features that come with the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has served the users well.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the victor. This isn’t surprising really as Samsung really created the device with their heart out.

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Nokia Lumia 1520 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Freak Wars!

When it comes to phablets, few devices are able to challenge the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with none, being able to beat it. The latest Nokia Lumia 1520 is the closest to overcome the Note 3 but fell short in certain segments.

The Windows-operated smartphone features a 6” screen that produces 367ppi. For a display that large, the pixel density is really impressive. Then again, it is still not as sharp as the 386ppi produced by the Note 3’s 5.7” screen.

On the bright side of things, Nokia is aware that a larger screen means more energy is needed to operate. As such, the manufacturer equipped the 1520 with a whopping 3400mAh battery. The phablet is able to last slightly longer than the 3200mAh battery on the Note 3.

Both devices run on the same Snapdragon 800 processor with Adreno 330 GPU. However, the Note 3 speeds ahead thanks to its 3GB RAM. The Lumia 1520 is only built with 2GB RAM.

In the field of photography, the Lumia 1520 beats the Galaxy Note 3 with its 20MP rear shooter and 1.2MP front snapper. The latter has a 13MP rear camera and 2.1MP front shooter.

Based on the stats above, the Nokia Lumia 1520 is just a step behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Soon, Samsung competitors will soon come up with a phablet that will overpower the Galaxy Note devices for sure.

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LG Denies Working On The Nexus 6

The Nexus 6 is expected to be the next big thing to come from Google and like its predecessors; the smartphone will be a revolution.

However, the fate of the Nexus brand might change after long-serving partner, LG, revealed that they are not working with any Google projects this moment.

The Korean company has enjoyed consecutive success after collaborating with Google to produce the Nexus 4 and 5 smartphones.

LG’s global communications director, Ken Hong, revealed that LG has no idea on the status of the Nexus program and little knowledge on the Android Silver program. Ken Hong added that up until today, LG is not called upon for any Nexus devices.

With that being said, there is a chance that the Nexus program has ended with the Nexus 5. If not, then Google must have opted for another manufacturer to develop the Nexus 6. Of course, the answer to that remains unknown.

As for the Android Silver program, it will be about flagship devices that will represent the Google badge. This is regardless of the phone’s maker as Google wants to have its own edition of smartphones without even making one.

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HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra: The Pretty Beast

Last year, two super smartphones got released and they are the HTC One M7 and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. On the outside, both devices are a beauty but when it comes to performance, there can only be one beast. Check out our comparison on both smartphones.

In terms of display, The Z Ultra is so much larger than the One M7. Its 6.4” screen is able to produce 342ppi, which is impressive for its size. However, it is still not as sharp as the 468ppi produced by the One M7’s 4.7” screen.

While the Z Ultra might be equipped with a larger 3,050mAh battery, the huge display turns out to be a power burden for the device. The One M7’s 2,300mAh battery is able to last longer than its counterpart.

Performance-wise, the Z Ultra managed to speed past the One M7 by a hair. The phablet runs on a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB RAM and Adreno 330 GPU. The One M7 is only packed with a 1.7GHz 4-core processor with 2GB RAM.

When it comes to cameras, the One M7 has a 4MP rear camera and a 2.1MP front shooter. The Z Ultra is equipped with an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front shooter.

In this tight contest, it seems that the HTC One M7 is the winner. Specs-wise, it is one step behind the Sony Xperia Z Ultra but the fact that it is perfectly sized and runs on the Sense UI makes it the better choice.

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Motorola Droid 5: When Will You Arrive?

Motorola might not be the biggest name in the smartphone industry but it does boast a huge fan base for the Droid line of devices. These consumers prefer to stick with the traditional physical keyboard which only the Motorola Droid can offer.

Then again, it has been more than 2 years since the Droid 4 got released and fans are desperate for the Droid 5. The older Droid devices are getting slower by the year as apps are getting bigger and technically more demanding.

Today, new rumours have surfaced which re-ignite the hopes of the fans. It is hinted that the Motorola Droid 5 will be announced in CTIA or MWC happening early next year. Even for a rumour, this is the best news fans can get all year.

Of course, Droid lovers are hoping for the Droid 5 to be perfectly sized like the Droid 2. The existing Droid 4 is too large for the fans’ liking. On a more important note, it is best to take this with a pinch of salt. After all, Motorola has yet to address the Droid 5 officially.

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