Porsche 918 Not Rushing To Meet Mercedes

Top automakers are already working on their next-gen hypercars right now. We know that Mercedes-AMG is working on one. If all these new models coming in, you would think that Porsche will also be working on a next-gen Porsche 918 of their own but according to Motoring, that is not what they intend to do at all.

Oliver Blume told Motoring that their next hypercar is still far away. He added that models like the Porsche 918 will only get an upgrade every 10 years and since we the last upgrade happened in 2015, we might have to wait until 2025 to see a next gen Porsche 918. That is probably why we have not heard anything so far.

He added that he welcomes competitors like Mercedes as they will only make the segment more interesting. With what Mercedes will be offering, do you think the Porsche 918 stand a chance?

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