LG G6: Not All Made Equal


It is common for the smartphone manufacturer to offer something a little different in some markets fro time to time. Samsung has the different processor while some other manufacturer only offers certain memory size in certain markets but LG is taking that to a whole new level by offering their devices with different features. First … Read more

LG G6 Got It Worse Than Samsung

It seems like both Samsung and LG are trying to compete to see which of them can leak the most information about their flagship before they officially announce it. We have been hearing leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 but the latest LG G6 beats all of that. That is because we get … Read more

LG G6 Will No Longer Have An Edge

The thing about smartphones is that it is nice to always have an edge over their competition but that is exactly what we are hoping the LG G6 will not be sporting this year. There have been a lot of talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8 coming without a bezel and it is believed that … Read more

LG G6: Playing The Audio Game

Based on what we know of the upcoming LG G6 right now, it does not feel like the LG G6 will have any advantage over some of their competitors like Samsung. We know that the modular design will not be coming back and the device will most likely be running on the older Snapdragon 821 … Read more

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