LG G6: Don’t Let These Things Fool You

LG has finally announced their new LG G6 flagship smartphone and while they did reveal a lot about the device this week, some of the details can be a little misleading.

The new LG G6 now comes with a glass front and back design. According to LG, the glass is Gorilla Glass but that does not mean that all the surface are equally durable. What they did not point out was that the front comes with a Gorilla 5 while the rear is fitted with a Gorilla Glass 4. The Camera, on the other hand, will be protected by a Gorilla Glass 5.

That means of all the places, the display will be the weakest. You wold think that that should be the most well-protected part but it is not.

The new LG will be offered globally but just because the spec is offer in the US does not mean you will be getting it everywhere else. The Wireless charging feature will only be offered in the US while features like the Quad DAC audio and 64GB model will only be available in some other markets.

We do not know why LG is making things so confusing but according to them, it was all part of a design decision.

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