LG G6: Not All Made Equal

It is common for the smartphone manufacturer to offer something a little different in some markets fro time to time. Samsung has the different processor while some other manufacturer only offers certain memory size in certain markets but LG is taking that to a whole new level by offering their devices with different features.

First of all, most of the market will be getting a 32GB internal storage model while markets like South Koras, Moldova, Russie, Ukraine, Belarus and few more countries will be given the 64GB storage model.

Then there is the Hi-Fi Dac feature for better audio. According to LG, that will be one of the feature on the LG G6 but only on the LG G6 that is for South Korea and a few other Asia countries.

While the US will not be getting the high sound quality model, our version of the LG G6 will come with a wireless charging feature so that should be enough to compensate for the missing Hi-Fi DAC.

LG’s new way of offering their LG G6 had a lot of people confuse. We would have preferred it if they just stick to one spec sheet for the whole world.

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