LG G6: Playing The Audio Game

Based on what we know of the upcoming LG G6 right now, it does not feel like the LG G6 will have any advantage over some of their competitors like Samsung.

We know that the modular design will not be coming back and the device will most likely be running on the older Snapdragon 821 processor so what else can LG offer that will convince the people that the LG G6 is worth considering?

According to LG, the new LG G6 will come with a 32-bit quad DAC system, an upgraded version of the DAC system that LG had offered on the LG V20 and the LG V10. It is said that the upgraded system will allow users to control the left and right earbud audio which will help improve the balance as well as reduce noise.

We do not know if this will be enough to convince the consumer but at least it is something.

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