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Yet over 50% of drivers and mechanics still waste more time on the roadside waiting to get a free or paid jump-starting from the battery of a passing vehicle. You can spend ten times the price of a jumper in just one paid jumping service.

Introduced over 25 years ago, booster Truck PAC ES6000 and ES1224 portable jump-starters from Clore Automotive are preferred names by many mechanics, drivers, dealers, and anyone in need of a reliable, powerful jump-starter to get their vehicle back on the road again. And that is why they have stood the strong market currents that keep driving many inferior brands to dust.

However, it may not be an easy task to tell them apart before understanding the mechanical prowess of each one of them. This text prequalifies the booster PACs so that your purchase is based on solid background checks. Let’s walk through the simple steps to make you a pro when it comes to choosing the best jumper in the market.

Best Truck PAC Products Comparison: ES6000 VS ES1224

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ES6000 12V Jump-Starter – The Power You Need

Can ES6000 measure up to the power needs of a truck? Get full details. ES6000 truck pack 12 V jumper is a high-capacity model. At a 12 Volt single setting and twin ES Series Batteries, it delivers up to 3000 Peak Amps. This device is designed for what it does best – vehicle starting. ES battery series provide trucks with a powerful output current, several jumps for every charge, long cranking power, and extended service life.

The pictures below are ES6000. The design and texture both stand out and make it distinct from other brands. If you are looking for a model that combines extreme power with rubicund texture, you got ES6000. See images below.

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Truck PAC Jump Starter ES6000 3000 Peak Amp Main Futures

Do you want a jump-starter with genuine placement order? Truck PAC Booster comes with lengthy cables to support faultless positioning when jump starting. This means as long as the cables have sufficient options for grounding this device, the machine’s placements are limitless.

Besides, the hot-jaw clamps are designed with the industrial-grade in mind for supreme power transfer.

Always Ready For Action

When is ES6000 ready? The product stays safe and ready for action when charged. It has an in-built automatic Track PAC ES6000 charger that keeps it ready. This internal circuit also protects the unit from overcharging.

It also has a LED battery status panel. This gives a quick state assessment to track charging levels and recharge when the indicator goes low.

Booster PAC being used to jump a truck

The extras

What other extras do you get in the starter unit? Find out more. Users have more adaptability with the extras on the Truck PAC 3000 jump starter unit. The ES6000 wall charger and 12-Volt extension are extra features that aid system recharge.

Besides, an inbuilt DC outlet with high power can run additional 12-Volt accessories. While driving into the extremes of environmental conditions, lack of power will not be a problem.

ES6000 Maximum Power

The twofold ES Series delivers 3000 Amps at maximum and Crank at 800 Amps providing exceptional starting power, extended service life, and increased cranking duration suitable for handling diverse vehicles.

Durability of ES6000 Jump Starter

The ES6000 has a rugged construction. This gadget will perform regardless of environmental constraints. The casing remains impact resistant for lasting protection. This is the appropriate durability with jump starter machines.  And what can it deliver? How long will it last? Continue reading to hear what users have to say.

Is Truck PAC ES6000 Jump Starter Up To The Task?

Streamlined and designed to fit all travel demands, the ES6000 Truck PAC Jump Box is portable and powerful.
Versatile truck jump starter like the ES6000 3000 Peak Amp is an all-time smart idea. But does it really up to the task?
According to experienced mechanics, this tool can jump almost any vehicle with a battery problem. As a jump starter box, it is the number one safety tool every driver needs before packing for an adventure.

“….. I looked behind my truck and there was my jump box to save the day.” – Angel

Why Choose ES6000 Jump Starter?

Why Choose Truck Pack ES6000 Peak

Truck PAC ES6000 jump starter does not just look good on paper. It combines superior design with extreme power that gets a vehicle jumped out of every bad weather.

Any time you face an emergency, ES6000 comes to the rescue. Apart from being compact, this product from Clore Automotive has powerful features that support all-weather vehicle jump starting. Also, the power of the two ES series batteries cannot be underestimated.

One extreme condition where ES6000 truck PAC 3000 Peak Amp provides reassured success is when working in low temperatures and when jump-starting a vehicle with an almost drained battery.

Clore Automative-1

Is It All Positive?

Volt Jump Starter

The cable capacity and casing among other key features of the ES6000 jump-starter make it market-competitive. However, it is not all positive with the product from Clore Automotive. A few choices in the design resulted in negative reviews.  These are described below.

One, the product is stated to provide the benefit of automatic charging and LED charge status, which makes the system easier to use. However, many customers are concerned that the product must remain plugged in. The fact that the on/off switch is missing also remains an apprehension.

Yet another flaw in the design is the clamps. Because they are not fixed together with steel screws, they are not securely tight. These clamps will fall apart after one use.

These are therefore glitches that the manufacturer needs to seal to be able to deliver foolproof jump starter boxes for the market.

Jump-N-Carry JNC1224 3400/1700 Peak Amp 12/24 Volt Jump Starter


Want a multi-volt device? Learn more about the switch between the volts. 12/24 Volt Jump-starter is a powerful multi-volt jump starter for all your trucks. If you need power, do not go beyond this battery master. This device comes with inbuilt voltage settings that permit voltage mode changing between 12 Volts and 24 Volts. With high-end hitting at 3400 Peak Amps in 12 V mode and 1700 Peak Amps in 24V mode, this beast is made to get your trucks jump-started in all conditions.

Is Truck PAC ES1224 Up To The Task?

You may be asking if this small device is actually up to the job. However, because every owner of a vehicle wants to start the vehicle on demand, they look for a jump starter that gives them power when they most need it. ES1224 Truck PAC combines a convenient design, strong body with plenty of power.

Just like other jump starter batteries, this device provides much-needed reliability in jump start power delivery. Also, its small body makes it portable and easier to work within different job sites.

The power to restart all types of machinery – farm machinery, cars, and trucks, makes it a good choice for many. Good thing, this device is always up to the task and quick. Delivering instant jump starts that get you sorted as fast as possible no matter the battery level, weather conditions, or the type of machinery.

Do you own a fleet of small cars and large trucks and wondering which is the right jump starter for you? Truck PAC ES1224 provides both 12 Volts and 24 Volts with a setting that makes it easier to switch between the modes at the touch of a knob. This means you do not need to worry about the size of the jump starter you will need for every occasion.

Clore Automotive seems to forget about the size of this product when giving product descriptions in their user manual and this is a big mistake. The device appears to have been built for ease of use – movability, simple controls, and this makes most users greatly enjoy the purchase. See what a user in San Diego has to say:

“…. I went back to get my brand-new jump box, hooked it up and the car started right up, so I drove it out and on to the flatbed.” – Arnulfo, San Diego

Are There Any Setbacks With Truck PAC ES1224?

It is not strange to find flaws in any other perfect item. Truck PAC Jump-starter is therefore not an exception.

One thing that greatly works against this unit is its clamps which the company labels as “industry-grade”. Most buyers say that the clamp materials are overrated. They are too flimsy and, on several occasions, they have broken too easily. This makes the product lose its longevity tag and means that users do not get the quality, especially the longevity that they hope for when buying.

However, the device is made of a high-quality casing that is hardy and resistant to pressure. This makes it durable anyway and buyers who are concerned about dropping and ruining their jump starters can consider this feature before buying.

Is The ES1224 Jump Starter Recommendable, Therefore?

One of the jump-starter boxes that give you more convenience when it comes to recharging thanks to its automatic charging system is JNC1224. Besides, the jump box has an exclusive warning feature that instantly alerts you whenever the jump-starting process is not safe.

Companies and buyers with fleets of cars in the yard may consider reliability as a key parameter of concern when making jump starter purchases. Because this device promises high value when it comes to restarting many engines in a row without losing power, it seems to be the right device for all forms of engine restarting.

ES6000 12V Jump-Starter Vs Jump-N-Carry JNC1224 3400/1700 Peak Amp 12/24 Volt Jump Starter: Which brand is the best choice for your truck?

Want to know which is the finest brand between truck PAC ES6000 and truck PAC ES1224? Yet they are made by the same company Clore Automotive? Find real-time updated comparison here.

Both of these products offer excellent results in terms of the performances they deliver. It is not very easy to tell which of these products from Clore Automotive will be the best for jumpstarting your trucks. However, from our reviews, we understand that ES6000 and ES1224 can successfully be used interchangeably with perfect results.

In terms of key features, both are fairly built with strong parts, unequivocally strong body systems, and extreme power. However, ES1224 delivers both 12 Volts and 24 Volts which can be switched based on demand, one cannot easily say that this product is superior. See the table below for a real-time comparison of the main features of the jump starters.

Truck PAC ES6000 vs Truck PAC ES1224: Key Features

Want to be able to make an unbiased selection between the two types of jump starters? You need a clear understanding of the key features of each. Let’s dive into this more categorically. Below is the list of features to consider: 

  • Operating temperature 
  • Body strength 
  • Clamps 
  • Cables 
  • Recharging 
  • Battery packs
  • Voltage mode (12 V or 24 V)
  • Safety and handling criteria

Operating Temp

Want to be able to make an unbiased selection between the two types of jump starters? You need a clear understanding of the key features of each. Let’s dive into this more categorically. Below is the list of features to consider: 

  • Operating temperature 
  • Body strength 
  • Clamps 
  • Cables 
  • Recharging 
  • Battery packs
  • Voltage mode (12 V or 24 V)
  • Safety and handling criteria

Heavy Duty Construction

Still, wondering about the design and body construction of ES6000 vs Jump-N-Carry JNC1224? JNC 1224 has all the right features for super starting power. The cables transfer power from the unit to the truck.

What about heavy-duty clamps? They should be sharp and strong. Protected in a drop-resistant casing, JNC 1224 clamps are steady and will penetrate all forms of battery corrosion.

Hot Jaw Clamps

Jump-starters are highly needed when a car battery dies. They should wake up the battery in a second and transmit power to restart the engine instantly. That is why Truck PAC 3000 and Truck PAC ES8000 come with industrial Grade Hot Jaw Clamps. These cables are live on both sides for maximum transmission of power to the vehicle.


When it comes to restarting a dead battery, the cause of low power may have been long storage without use. Or it could be as a result of the bad weather at the garage combined with cold and dust. If the battery rusts or the terminals get eaten by the acid, they need clamps with sharp jaws. If this is coupled with high tension spring reinforcement that penetrates corrosion on every battery terminal, extreme power transfer is achieved.

And if you think these clamps may get sticky and fail to come out, they are made with rotating holsters that allow easy removal or even replacement.

Besides, clamp positive and negative jaws are company-assembled with screw-type connections for ring terminal cables in solderless connections. Key features include dual hot jaws, Phillips screws, ring terminals, and solder. 

249-066-666 Booster Clamps Positive and Negative

Long Cables

The Company made Red/Black clamps and cables come in one unit. These are 54” long 4 GA Heavy Duty Cables.

238-016-666 Cable Clamp Kit

Extra-long cables mean that you are not limited to the distance between your vehicle and the jump starter. You get an ideal positioning of the jump starter for the safe starting of your vehicle all the time. Whether you like it on the car or you prefer it safe on the ground, this shared property ensures it’s all your choice to make

ES6000 showing long cables and positioning for safe usage

Automatic Recharging

Having your ES6000 starter in a ready position all the time is essential in ensuring you never get stranded. This is why the truck PAC ES6000 charger comes in handy. Supported by Truck PAC ES1224 charging cord, automatic charging helps reduce the chances of overcharging the unit while keeping you safe from engine failures. Truck PAC ES1224 charger is therefore inbuilt and designed with specifications that make it more protective to the system where it is mounted. For the best charging position, see 


1. Outlet Charger cord

This is an ESA1 12V extension Male cigarette lighter 48” adapter. Compatible with many portable jump-starter units including Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry.

ESA 1 Male 12V outlet Charger cord

2. Duty slow chargers

Made with a small jack, they are utilized for slow-charging of Booster PAC units. Key features include a lower charge rate, 115 Volt mains supply, and a pin-style output jack. The two types are ESA217 and ESA218.

standard Duty Slow Charger With small Jack

3. Heavy Duty Charger

Made for rapid charging, the Heavy Duty quick charger comes with a small Jack adapted to Booster PAC units. With a pin-type output Jack, this charger is also 115 Volts rated.

ESA 26 Heavy Duty Fast Charger With small Jack

High-Performance Batteries

ES series are high-performance batteries. Designed for emergency uses, they work well in all emergencies. That is why technicians choose Truck PAC jump starter every opportune time. 

Sold as a pair, ES6000 and ES8000 AGM Lead Acid batteries deliver 44 Amps of power in just one hour. With 3000Peak Amp rating, they are marked as the hardest working in their class. They are 12 Volts each.

This tool is supported with a truck PAC ES6000 replacement battery just in case you need an urgent replacement.

ES Series batteries

The ES series batteries are specifically made for truck jump starting. This is why they can stand continuous usage over long periods without losing power. Whether at the construction site, in the garage, or on the road, Truck PAC jump starter beats the competition for an excellent and dependable power transmitter for every other jump.

On the other hand, JNC1224 uses dual Clore PROFORMER batteries. These batteries have a specific design for vehicle jump start that gives them an extended cranking period, durability, and extreme starting power.

Clore PROFORMER batteries

Switch Between 12 And 24 Volts

JNC1224 truck PAC 12/24 Volt jump starter ensures a safe switch between Volts for increased convenience. Asking for power changes during the switch between? This battery comes with an auto charging unit – Truck PAC ES1224 charger, which guarantees power output is not compromised.

However, Truck PAC ES6000 is a single mode with a 12 Volt delivery. Remember the truck PAC ES6000 charger that comes with it is enough to keep the unit powered on demand so that it never runs out of power.

Truck PAC JNC1224: Safety

Is safety a priority? Learn more about how to improve your safety with JNC1224. People easily underestimate the dangers associated with vehicle jump starting. This is why vehicle owners ignore the necessary training for operators. The associated costs may be very high as a result of the consequences. Want to know how to get the best out of JNC1224 while maintaining high safety standards? Stay on this page.

Clore Automotive Packs every Truck PAC JNC1224 jump starter with an interactive user manual. Every bit of these instructions is essential. If you ignore any of them, you may fall victim and possibly suffer serious injury or even property damage.

Clamps should be properly stored away from each other to avoid contact. Any form of contact is likely to short-circuit the battery and cause a fire. Never try jump-starting a vehicle while the jump starter’s AC power cable is still at the AC power source.

On the other hand, select the proper voltage to make sure the jump starter voltage matches that of the vehicle. Always remember to disconnect the negative grip first once the vehicle is jumped. Charge JNC1224 regularly and store in good condition for long life.

Truck PAC ES6000 Jump Starter Vs Truck PAC ES12244: Summary – Is Any Of These Still Recommendable?

Truck PAC ES6000 has several design faults that are most likely putting off a bunch of buyers. However, the question behind every single feature here is: What makes this device a choice for new users?

Users need a dependable source of jump power and because that is what they get from ES6000, they don’t mind having the product permanently on without an off switch. And even before you think about it, Clore Automotive packs this Booster PAC with truck PAC ES6000 replacement battery for enhanced safety. Buyers, therefore, choose it for reliability.

And even with truck PACK ES1224 3000/1500 Peak Amp 12/24V Jump-starter, the fact that it comes with a Pack of high-level amps with switchable volts makes it a choice for large fleet companies that require a reliable power supply.

This is why the product is recommendable to buyers who prioritize power and convenience over feature design.

Truck Pac Jump Starters FAQ

Q. Would this device jump-start heavy machinery?

A. Yes! Both ES6000 truck PAC jump starter and Truck PAC ES1224 jump starter have extreme power capability to jump-start any vehicle or machine. According to most buyer reviews, these products have superior performances and will help you out in any environmental condition.

Q. How many jump-starts can these Booster PACs do before they require a recharge?

A. 1 to 30. However, factors such as general vehicle condition, temperature, engine size, and type will affect the amount.

Q. Should I keep the device plugged in?

A. Clore Automotive recommends having the jump starters plugged in to increase battery life. However, according to client reviews, having the product fully charged and then unplugging it works best.

Q. Is the portable jump starter battery be recycled?

A. Yes. Booster PAC manufacturers consider the environment in the manufacture of their batteries.

Q. Does it have a charger?

A. This PAC comes with an inbuilt automatic charger. Keep your truck PAC jump starter units charged to extend their life span while staying at the top of the game.


Getting your car running again from a powerful jump is critical in particular while operating in extreme environmental conditions or to get the engine running after a long recess.
It is therefore ideal to choose a good jump starter that is reliable, durable and delivers instant power to wake up a vehicle. Consider the pros and cons before choosing between Truck PAC ES6000 3000 Peak Amp and Truck PAC ES1224 12/24 Volt Jump Starters.
With our reviews and buyer comments, we believe you are well informed to make the right decision. Which of the two do you consider the best jump-starter for your car? Please write your response in the comments section below.

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