8 Best Car Alarms For Vandalism

In this day and age theft has become the order of the day. How can you see to it that your car is protected? Thieves are out there on the streets looking for whom to devour but well that will not be you as you are being exposed to excellent car alarms that can be used for your car in order to curb vandalism. Yes, there are alarms that are able to do so.
Many brains have come together and seen to it that a solution is brought before you, that is why right here we look at the very best of car alarms that you can use but before we do that here is what you should know.

And nowhere is a list of things you should not overlook when buying your car alarm for vandalism, I will term my list as a buyer’s guide and it will list and summarize what is to be considered.

Our Complete Review of The Best Automotive Alarms Of 2021

In this review we are only looking at eight (8) products as of today and they will be given in detail and this below is what you should expect from the content to be given.

Please do note that content may not be showcased as listed, it will not follow the order above.

  1. Best Overall 2022 – THE VIPER 5305V 2 Way Alarm System
  2. Best 2 Way Remote Start – Crime Stopper SP-502
  3. The Pyle Car Alarm Security System
  4. The python 5706P
  5. The Brand New Omega K9 Mundial MHZ
  6. Avital 5303L
  7. Crime Stopper SP-502
  8. The Prestigious APS997Z
  9. The EASY GUARD EC002 -NS PK

We now unveil each and every product one by one.

1. BEST OVERALL 2022 – THE VIPER 5305V 2 Way Car Alarm System

[amazon bestseller=”THE VIPER 5305V 2 Way Alarm System” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This is the best car alarm security remote in our rating that is accompanied by a remote start system. It has a slimmer display that can show the temperature of the car instead of time. It also has a door and trunk that also triggers specifically for security.

And it has a remote that is decent enough to accommodate your hands, unlike the Viper 5305V that has quite an overly big remote.

Its remote start system has a 2-way car security system that works well to keep your car safe from any thieves. It has very systematic door and trunk triggers not forgetting that it has a 5 button control transmitter that will give you complete control of all the entire 24 functions that are available.

It gives a best car alarm system and is very reliable and you can possibly set its alarm system to siren fewer modes if you are in an area that does not allow noise.

This baby is very convenient and has superior functional security such that it has a compact remote control that has a bright and slim display. It is not colored but it displays the temperature inside one’s car other than the time which is sometimes a handy function that is if you are planning on pre-heating your car before doing anything.

Because of its slim display design, it perfectly fits all minimalists and it is very affordable and is easy to locate. And finally, it will give you the functionality you desire and expect.


  • It has a responder LC3 (3RD generation responder)
  • SST one-mile range
  • Liquid crystal display
  • A lithium-ion rechargeable battery is available
  • It also has a virtual tack and control center
  • Micro USB recharging available
  • It has a D2D serial data port that will give you both plug in and play connections


  • It has a very reliable battery life
  • It is very simple to program
  • It only works as a security system and nothing else
  • It has a whole reliable five bottom control system
  • It is very affordable


  • It is not easy to install
  • It needs a lot of additional parts when installing

2. Crimestopper SP-502 2 Car Alarm System

[amazon bestseller=”Crimestopper SP-502 2 Alarm System” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Crimestopper SP-502 2 is one of the best car alarms on the market. It has a variety of programmable features and it comes with a siren that is capable of 12odB Output. It has a sufficient volume that will scare off thieves or burglars with easy and it also has a built-in relay that is for parking lights.

Moreover, it has been hooked up with remote transmitters that have two operation modes and these modes are the shifted mode and the standard mode. They make it easy to operate as one only has to press the transmitter button for just less than a second and the levels will be switched just like that.

It has very bad grey area and that is that the installation is sometimes complicated but you can get someone to do it for you that won’t be a problem at all. But do note that it is very easy to use.

Its functions are quite easy to access and it can even give you an additional relay.

This one has been enabled with a car jack protection that has a panic mode and an ignition kill switch and with it comes a valet mode with an override switch.


  • It has a reliable siren output
  • It has been equipped with a multifunctional four-button transmitter
  • It has an LED status indicator remote
  • It has outstanding accessories
  • It is very affordable too


  • It will need a professional to be installed

3. Python 5305P 2-Way Car Security System

[amazon bestseller=”B01BHQ1YR8″ items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Python 5305P 2-Way Alarm System has a responder as well as a two-way security unit. It is strong and very reliable and still delivers a great signal. That`s why it`s the in the top of the best car alarm systems.

It is also very affordable and almost anyone and everyone can afford it. it has a heavy feature car alarm system that gives you great hype and it has a stinger double shock sensor and it is compatible with the Viper’s Smart Strat app thereby giving you great and more functionality that is almost similar to Viper 5706V.

It has an LCD display that makes sees to it that one easily monitors their notifications on the car. And in a case where the alarm goes off the pager will vibrate or even beep and this is what makes the use of this car alarm system an easy thing.

It also has an ignition kill switch that has the duty of locking the car’s engine and with this, the car will not be able to shift away from the drive without one’s car keys.

But in a case where your car gets stolen, you can be able to track it down using GPS, and not only that one can even be able to control the entire system from a distance swiftly.

All in all, this has been packed with high-end features that exactly give value for money.


  • Heavy Feature Best car alarm is present
  • Stinger double guard shock sensor
  • It has a two-way pager
  • An LCD display present
  • Ignition Kill Switch present


  • It has a two-way remote system
  • It has a powerful one-mile range remote that anyone can use even the ones just starting
  • It has an easy to use LCD


  • It is very expensive
  • It will need a professional in ordered to have it installed

4.Excalibur Mundial-6 1-Way Security System

[amazon bestseller=”Excalibur Mundial-6 1-Way Security System” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Excalibur Mundial-6 1-Way is a new version and is Best Budget-friendly car Alarm System on the market and it is very audible enough to make sure that burglars are deterred. It is accompanied by a 4 button transmitter that can be customized for either quiet or loud chirps.

Right off the bat, the most interesting feature about the Omega K9 is its anti-carjacking feature.

This unit features a shock sensor that can be adjusted to panic mode, easy valet mode with room for 18 more programmable features. In the valet mode, you can enable or disable flashing parking lights in case of a break-in.

The siren is also programmable for loud or quiet performance depending on the situation.
It has a keyless entry that can enable one to pre-warm or cool down one’s car before driving it thereby making one even more comfortable.

If you are looking for best realizable performance alarm system, this is the one to go for with any trouble.
It is easy to use and is packed with up to 18 programmable features and do note that it has a lifetime warranty.


  • It has a four-button transmitter
  • It has two remote transmitters
  • It has door activated anti-car jack transmitter
  • It also has a multi-tone electronic siren that comes with not only programmable chirps but they are loud or quiet


  • It has been equipped with ant carjacks
  • Its remotes are stylish and compact
  • It has a company long time warranty


  • It doesn’t have a display

5.Avital 5303L

[amazon bestseller=”Avital 5303L” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Avital 5303L is quite passive and allows one to ignite the engine without using any physical contact and one can warm up their car before using it.

It has an LCD remote that makes it easy to use as it displays icons that can warm you when you have left the trunk, door, or hook.

This is one of the best car alarm system is designed in such a way that it can get alerts on the exact parts that may have been tampered with.

It also has signals between the car alarm and remote. It also comes with a fob that sees to it that the car (your car) is safe.

It has some shock sensors and with them, you can reduce the sensitivity of the shock so as to prevent alarms that are forced from happening.

Well, it is quite pricy but that is okay after all it has very worthy features. Having said that even keeps thieves at Bay with its anti-jack.


  • LCD remote
  • Fob available
  • Shock sensors
  • Anti jack features


  • It has adjustable shock sensors
  • It has cool anti jack features
  • It has an LCD Display that makes usages easy
  • It has been enabled with passive operations and remote start

6.Crime Stopper Sp-502

[amazon bestseller=”Crime Stopper Sp-502″ items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This baby on our number six of the best car alarm systems is such a goodie. Firstly, it comes with a starter kill relay and it prevents burglars from stealing your car or even wiring it. And with it, there is a platform to configure your two cars to be controlled with just one remote. Its range goes up to 3500ft and depending on your environment you will either get less or more strength.

It has an anti-carjacking sensor it is able to sound the sirens heavily thereby giving you a positive impact.

With this car alarm system, you will be able to tell between false alarms and those caused by thieves.
Did I mention that you can lock and unlock the doors of your car with a little precision?

If you are looking for a pocket friendly remote that has an affordable budget then this is it, it has extremely high-end features but some users have complained that the battery on the remote tapes out in a short time.


  • Anti carjacking sensor
  • Transmitter present
  • GPS tracking for your phone is available


  • It is affordable
  • It has a GPS tracking system available
  • Its remote system is reliable
  • It has an LCD display on the remote and this makes usage easy


  • The remote’s battery could have been better

7.The Prestigious APS997Z

[amazon bestseller=”B07JJCNQRV” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This security alarm system is one of a kind and as we go on with our review you will understand why I am saying so. Firstly, it can be programmed with two users and I mean two with actually different output and also this car alarm has anti jacking features and they are what deter burglars and thieves from pouncing on your car.

It’s a two-way system so it gives one many opportunities to be able to choose from a variety of programs.

For example, it can both start your alarm and close your doors. Its transmitter is actually programmable.

One amazing feature is that in the winter you can be able to warm your car to the degree you want and when the remote goes off the remote will vibrate there and then.

Did I mention that it has an LCD screen that makes it easy to use and do the needful?


  • Anti Jacking features present
  • It’s a two-way remote system
  • Programmable transmitter present
  • LCD screen


  • It is easily programmable
  • It is a two-way remote system
  • It has a parking meter
  • It has a cold temperature start mode


  • It’s Remote range requires a bit of improvement


[amazon bestseller=”B00MBKVWJU” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This is a passive one of the best car alarm systems that has quality RFID technology that has been designed to improve the safety of your car.

It has a good number of hijacking features and it can fit into a car that has a 12V output DC electrical system.

But to get installed it requires a professional to do it not only that it has been carpeted for seeming less keyless operation that makes it a bonus. And it has a platform where you can switch from the mute platform to audible with ease.

It is quite a decent pick that comes with great performance.


  • Passive keyless entry feature
  • Hopping cord
  • FSK technology present


  • It has keyless convince
  • It has a hopping code and a reliable car alarm system
  • It has a platform for password entry


  • Installation requires a professional to do it

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Car Alarms For Vandalism

This is one of the best investments one can ever make with regards to seeing to it that their car is okay and protected. You do not have to compromise on this as it would hit you back if not properly done or taken care of.

1. It is your duty to choose the right type of alarm needed for your car

Car alarms help to make sure thieves stay away but you have to see to it that you pick one suitable for your car. But what you should know is that where you keep or pack your car plays a big role in its security. If your car is being packed in an area that has high rates of crime it is advisable to get a 2-way unit as it would be more reliable and in a case where you are in an area that has crime levels not too high, you can go for a one-way alert system.

2. How Much Money do you have for the Best Car Alarm?

You knowing the pricing of the product is another important and one of the major factors. In most cases, car alarms range from $50 even up to $200, and please do note that they may be more or cheaper depending on the store and brand. But yet again features determine how much one would be. And car alarm systems that may start from $100 you below $200 are most likely to be very reliable and have good performance.

3. What brand are you looking for?

Know your brand and what you need. Not every brand is for you. Go for the most reputable brands as this will save you time and money. In also going for the best brand see to it that you go for one with great and outstanding customer service least you cry foul when things don’t go too good. There may be times when your car alarm malfunctions and in such an unfortunate case you will need great customer service, so do not overlook the aspect of warranty and customer service.

4. Availability of Car Jack Protection

See to it that features like the ignition kill switch or chirping car alarm are good and running efficiently.

Moving forward a number of people usually have a lot of questions that is why I have seen to it that the most frequently asked questions are answered right here below.

Please do pay attention and learn especially if you are having the same questions as these below:

1. How much can I get a best car alarm?

Well, this quest is too generalized buddy but you can get a very good one if you have $50 dollars even below or more depending on the Brand.

2. Is it a must to get a two-way unit if I stay in an area that has a lot of crime going on?

Good question but then it is only better off you get a two-way unit as it increases your chances of safety but you can still go for a one-unit system alarm.

3. Is it possible to void the warranty of my car if I installed an aftermarket car alarm system?

Straight No. This is so because when you look at Magnuson Moss in the year 1975 warranty Improvement Act all car owners are very much allowed and free to install aftermarket car alarms, as well as remote systems and this, is without voiding the warranties of their cars.

And what you should know is that if you are doing this by yourself be careful to not cause any damage to your system as it may void your warranty.

4. Is it a must to have a professional to do my installation?

Not really because if you know how the electrical connections of your car operate you will be able to do it by yourself and if you did not know then you certainly need one least you crash everything you planning on doing.

But you need not worry as most units are packed with very detailed instructions that will make things easy for you.

5. Will they drain my power?

This is dependent on the car alarm system that you have, for instance, if it is very sophisticated then you will need a lot more power than usual and you need to know that some alarm systems can actually drain your battery in just a few hours of usage.

If the car alarm accessories system goes off simultaneously then without a doubt the alarm system will drain in a little while.

6. Do best car alarms turn off automatically?

Yes! Yes! and yes!

This is where we go deep into the write up by giving you the very best of car alarms for vandalism that you can and will find on the market.


In conclusion, do be afraid of leaving your car parked at the mall. Here above are the solutions that you can consider using. It’s okay to flaunt your car even when packed just make sure it is safe and properly locked otherwise you will cry an ocean.

The information has been given from detail to detail and now this ball is in your hands to do the needful, take your pick and use this knowledge for your good.

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