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Ideal Pedal Commanders of all time! (2022 Updated)

City mode or Sport mode? These pedal commanders are your go-to installations to improve the overall acceleration of your vehicle. Discover the best brand for you in this article, and get ready to zoom!

Are you looking for an ultimate performance boost or a better throttle response? Then, the pedal Commander is the deal. These electric controllers get rid of response delays and boost your engine’s response and acceleration.

Product users are in awe of the effectiveness of these performance boosters. They bring to life the beast in your vehicle by providing several alternative modes. From improved fuel economy to a significant increase in acceleration, pedal commander offers you more benefits than you can ever imagine.

In this pedal commander review, we will guide you through all you need to know about these performance boosters and recommended products. Jump on this article, share, and let us know what you think.


Pedal Commander Comparison Table



  • Dodge Ram
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Jeep Wrangler JK


  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Modern Design
  • Multi-modal Settings
  • Easy Installation


With the thrill of adjusting your pedal mode to suit snow or muddy terrain and saving that gas cost to increasing its response for more fun and sports feel, it is safe to say this pedal commander is a driver’s delight.



  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota 4Runner (PC 27 too)
  • Suzuki Alto


  • Versatility
  • Fast Install
  • Valuable & Reputable
  • Quick throttle response
  • Fuel Economy


It installs fast, provides fuel economy, and will provide an overall boost to your engine and vehicle’s overall performance. It is the perfect Toyota Tacoma performance tuner.



  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • GMC Sierra Denali
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • GMC Yukon
  • Chevrolet Avalanche
  • Chevrolet Tahoe


  • Unbelievable Performance
  • Excellent Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Game-Changer


We think the Pedal Commander PC65 makes your vehicle come alive in a way you will never imagine. It fits all engine models of the any Chevrolet/GM vehicle, which makes it an absolute buy!



  • Ford F150 – 550
  • Mazda 5
  • Lincoln MKZ
  • Ford Mustang
  • Jaguar XK/XKR
  • Land Rover/
  • Range Rover


  • Reduced Hesitation
  • Easy to install app
  • Eliminates old feel


We think the PC18 is an absolute buy! There are no complaints about check engine lights or limp mode, which assures us that this pedal commander will give your vehicle all the stability it needs.



  • Toyota Tundra
  • Toyota 4Runner
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Scion XD
  • Lexus IS
  • Toyota Prado/Land Cruiser
  • Lexus LS
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser


  • Modern Upgrade
  • Fuel Economy
  • Bolt-on Installation


We recommend the PC 27 for all fitting Toyota model. It might be high priced but the benefits give you so much value for your money.

What is a Pedal Commander, and how does it work?

The pedal commander throttle response is a modern electric throttle controller, which enables your vehicle to respond instantaneously to the command from your gas pedal. The exact function of the pedal commander is to send a signal to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of your vehicle to open up the throttle body of your vehicle. This happens when you step on your gas pedal, where your pedal commander is connected to. The pedal commander then increases or decreases how fast this signal is sent.

In our reviews on pedal commander, we discovered it has four modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport +. These modes have eight settings (Negative 1-4, and Positive 1-4) that apply to each of them. The pedal commander does not necessarily increase or adds horsepower to your vehicle, but it smoothens your throttle response, boosts engine acceleration, and makes driving a fun adventure.

For the Eco mode, it can be managed by the average driver. It is quite slow, but it promises up to 20% improved fuel economy. It also gives traction to off-road drivers and enables a smoother ride on inclines or declines

For the City mode, it can be used for daily driving. As the name implies, this is perfect for every driver cruise around the city. It offers a better throttle response while you move around with your car.

For the Sport mode, drivers are promised higher performance. This mode tweaks up your driving and gives you a sporty feel. It is best used during traffic situations.

For Sport+ mode, it is best for track driving. This is the extreme mode on the pedal commanders, and they are best reserved for tracks and races.

All these modes enable the driver to have control over his vehicle and enjoy the process of driving.


Are you looking for a throttle response controller compatible with both diesel and gas engines? PC31 and PC78 are the answer! This Ram controller has a longstanding record of improving vehicle performance. More so, this pedal commander for Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI is assembled with the top yet simple features to give its users a thriving experience. The difference between these models is that PС31 is intended for 2007-2018 RAM models and PC78 for 2019- Dodge Ram.


  • Rapid Acceleration – Torque and horsepower are the major foundation behind the design of this pedal commander. It is little wonder that trucks accelerate faster post-installation of PC31 or PC 78 Pedal Commander RAM 1500. Also, the feature of eliminating the time spent waiting for your gas pedal to kick in is the cherry on the cake.
  • Modern Design – This unique commander is not only compatible with your Bluetooth device but can also be controlled by an app without any cost whatsoever. Our tests and lots of user`s reviews about RAM 1500 5.7 Pedal Commander shows that the pedal design supports instantaneous throttle response while at the same time giving you ultimate control over the accelerator pedal and driving mode.
  • Multi-modal Settings-Upon installation of accessory, you get to switch between: Sport, Sport +, Eco and City modes depending on the environment and your needs.
  • Easy Installation – This adjustable unit is perfect for installation in any Dodge Ram model from 2007 to now. All that is required to affix this plug and play accessory is five minutes of your time.


  • Throttle Delay – Some engine lag can be still present, especially when it’s operating on a lower load.

Our Judgment

With the thrill of adjusting your pedal mode to suit snow or muddy terrain and saving that gas cost to increasing its response for more fun and sports feel, it is safe to say that Pedal Commander for RAM 1500 is a driver’s delight. From ease of installation to the available modes the PC31 is compatible with any Ram from 2007 to 2022. Simply, start it up, pick a mode, and watch your Ram come to life in a manner you have never experienced before.

If you are the casual everyday driver who is big on increasing fuel economy, this commander is your best bet. Save up to a 20% fuel cost with the PC38 Eco-mode feature while bidding farewell to response delays on your gas pedals.


  • Valuable & Reputable – The Tacoma Pedal Commander PC38 has been extensively tested and trusted by its customers and is worth its cost. No one can fault the 100% refund and money-back guarantee provided by its manufacturers.
  • Versatility – Having been designed with four outstanding modes and 36 adjustable settings, It is easy to customize the pedal to your liking with an aim to control acceleration.
  • Fast Installation – The Pedal Commander  for all Toyotas can be likened to an easy task such as plugging in an electronic device. Installing the unit shouldn’t take up to ten minutes max. This Tacoma Pedal Commander works great with SR, SR5, TRD Sport, pro, TRD Off-Road, Limited, and other trims.
  • Quick Throttle Response – Regardless of how old or new your Tacoma model maybe, this controller gives a massive boost to your vehicle’s engine and overall performance while doing away with lag.
  • Fuel Economy – While saving gas may not be a big deal to most people, it is a priority for others. The unit’s slow response Eco mode was built to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.


  • Malfunctions over time – Some error messages may appear upon activation of the sport+ mode.

Our Appraisal

Pedal Commande PC38 gives you that opportunity to enjoy the serenity of your environment while commuting to meet up with daily challenges or when fulfilling your racing fantasies. The PC38 has undergone rigorous tests to ensure optimal performance. It installs fast, provides fuel economy, and will provide an overall boost to your engine and vehicles’s overall performance. It is the perfect Toyota Tacoma performance tuner.

The Pedal Commander Pc31 makes driving more exciting as the vehicle’s pedal can be controlled and adjusted via a commander app. This modern unit connects to your iPhone or Android Bluetooth device to allow for easy use.


  • Highly Conservative – This throttle controller’s slow response settings are sufficient to increase your vehicle’s MPG and save about 20% of your vehicle’s regular gas consumption rate.
  • Simplified Use – You can easily make sensitive adjustments to your pedal commander with the use of a modern app. This unit’s operations and installation are simple enough even for a 10th grader and leave no trail in your engine control unit.
  • Same as advertisements – Unlike some products with exaggerated descriptions, in this  pedal is quite different. It works just as advertised.


  • Over-sensitive – For the Dodge Charger this Pedal Commander tuner might be too sensitive to every movement around the gas pedal. It might cause flooring when you hit the gas.

Our Judgment

If you own a Dodge Charger then you’re good to go! This Pedal Commander is extremely conservative with the Chargers. Beyond this, the PC 31 is also built for simplified use. There is no complications when using the app.

This model of the Pedal Commander fits newer models of the Dodge Challenger from the 3rd generation till date. It also fits some models of the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler 300. It shares the throttle boost and acceleration enhancement features of other models.


  • Better Mileage: As with other Pedal Commanders, this Dodge Challenger PC 31 promises your vehicle better gas mileage, especially in Eco mode.
  • Fun: With this performance booster, your car gives you the feeling of being good as new. Usually Challenger drivers lack the words to properly capture the fun feeling they get from installing this booster.
  • Ease in Installation: These plug and play item installs in less than ten minutes.


  • High-priced: These upgrades are as expensive as they can get. You might have to double-check your budget to purchase this item, but it is worth every dime.
  • Some car does not function with Bluetooth: Drivers complain of experiencing issues with their cars, like their engine light coming on, because they switched to the Bluetooth app.

Our Verdict

If you have the Dodge Challenger, then you should opt for this throttle controller. For ultimate experience switch to the sport mode. The high price is not a sufficient turnoff for the enormous value that the PC 31 brings to the Dodge Challenger or Chrysler 300. Despite not being the primary reason behind most purchases, the PC31 can economize the fuel consumption of your Dodge.

Those Pedal Commanders PC65 and PC 77 are for all models of the Chevrolet Silverado that falls between the 2007 – 2018 model – PC65 and 2019 – till now – PC 77. With 36 throttle sensitivity adjustment settings, your car is ready to rev to life. Those Pedal Commanders PC65 and PC77 are the best bet!


  • Unbelievable Performance: It is truly unbelievable how the beast in your Chevrolet Silverado comes to life.
  • Excellent Bluetooth Connectivity: The Pedal Commander Bluetooth gives you an irresistible option of controlling your car with your phone.
  • Game Changer: The boost and benefits enjoyed with the Pedal Commander on your Chevrolet Silverado is indeed the game-changer.


  • Faulty package: Due to rough handling during shipping, this product’s packaging might have some defects when delivered.

What do we think?

We think the Pedal Commander makes your Chevrolet Silverado come alive in a way you will never imagine. You may never get to truly understand what your Chevy Silverado is capable of until you have the Pedal Commander installed. The Bluetooth connectivity feature provides optimal control over the performance of your car. It fits all engine models of the Chevrolet Silverado, which makes it an absolute buy.

We’ve led you through a list of Pedal Commanders fit for different vehicle makes and models. This model PC65 is also fit for the GMC Sierra – all models.


  • Value for your money: The PC65 offers you so much value for your money. Despite the price you know that once gotten, you wouldn’t regret this decision
  • Wakes up your truck: The Pedal Commander brings to life your GMC Sierra, irrespective of its model or engine size. This Pedal Commander is the deal for you.
  • Clear Usage Directions: A simple and easy to understand guide is attached to this Pedal Commander for you to know how it works.
  • Better throttle response and acceleration: Through all four modes and 36 adjustment settings, your vehicle gets a better acceleration while you get control over your driving.


  • Limp modes: After some months of usage, the Sierra Pedal Commander might trigger some codes and throw your car into a limp mode

Our Verdict

Beyond the almost rare limp modes which may occur over months of usage, the PC65 is an excellent buy for your GMC Sierra. Whatever model of GMC Sierra you own, this PC65 Pedal Commander is sure to serve you. It will perfectly bringing your Sierra to life, improving throttle response and acceleration while providing excellent value for your money. This is a great and highly recommended buy.

The Pedal Commander for Toyota Tundra/4Runner is another truck model addition to the PC27 list.  This model fits a wide range of Toyota vehicle types. It serves as the best performance boost upgrade to your truck. To confirm other Toyota fitment for the PC27, check out the listing on the official Pedal Commander website.


  • Modern Upgrade:From our tests and the Pedal Commander Toyota Tundra owner`s reviews, we deduced that this pedal design has been best tweaked to suit Android/iOS phone applications. This has made the Bluetooth option favorable for most drivers.
  • Fuel Economy: When driving your Toyota, the Eco mode will grant you some impressive fuel economy.
  • Bolt-on installation: You don’t need anyone to help you with the installation. It is easy and simply done. As a plug and play throttle item, you can’t expect anything less.


  • Expensive: You might need to have some extra cash to spare when purchasing this throttle controller.

Our Judgment

We recommend the PC 27 for all fitting Toyota Tundra, 4Runner and other models. It might be high priced but the benefits give you so much value for your money. First it is easy to install, ideal for Android/iOS users, and the tuners Bluetooth option improves the ease of control. Expensive is nothing for the value that this car performance tuner brings to the table.

The PC18 Pedal Commander  has the best fitment for all Ford models, from Ford F150 – F550. It is defined to fit all makes and types of the Ford truck. The PC18 is notable for its stability and excellent compatibility with the Ford vehicles in the Pedal Commander Powerstroke reviews.


  • Reduced Hesitation: All Ford F150 and 250, 350, 450, 550 Pedal Commanders  boast of the reduced lag with this throttle controller. Start your truck and enjoy the quick acceleration rate you enjoy with the PC 18.
  • Easy to install app: Navigating your truck throttle system from your phone app is mind-blowing. The Pedal Commander continuously improves its design, and that is simply amazing!
  • Eliminates the old-truck feeling: While testing Pedal Commander on Ford F150, we realized that the Pedal Commander makes your Ford truck kick to life. We wouldn’t have it any other way


  • Quality control: Some product users complain of not getting the complete hardware in the box, and that could be a result of poor quality control by the manufacturers.

What do we think?

We think the PC18 is an absolute buy! There are no complaints about check engine lights or limp mode, which assures us that this Pedal Commander will give your truck all the stability it needs. The PC 18 is not just easy to install on the F150, it is also aesthetically appealing. This Pedal Commander reduces the hesitation the truck ordinarily experiences during throttle, making your Ford truck feel like it is new once again. Quality control concerns are insignificant and do not in any way distort the enormous value that this car performance tuner provides.

Boost Your Engine Response

Additional Pedal Commander Model Fitment

Pedal Commander cover image

Pedal Commander PC 15 – Recommended for Nissan models (Including Altima )

In these Nissan Altima with pedal commander reviews, the PC 15 is compatible with the 4th generation of the Nissan Pathfinder and all other models. The throttle response controller is regarded in pedal commander for Nissan juke reviews as the surest throttle method to eliminate lag and slow acceleration response.

The PC 31 has been earlier described as a fit for Dodge Ram, Dodge Challenger, and Dodge Charger. It is also fit as pedal commander Jeep JK. With this pedal, your jeep automatically takes on a new shape. Although jeeps might not be built for speed, the jeep pedal commander alternates this factory setting.

In pedal commander jeep jk reviews, the PC 31 is built for all models of Jeep Wranglers. It is notable for the amazing power gains derived from its usage. For pedal commander reviews for Wrangler, we recommend the PC 31 as an excellent choice!

The PC 58 is compatible with the Audi A3 & A6 only. For other Audi models, like the R8, TT, and A1, you might have to try the PC 08 or PC 09.  

With the custom four acceleration modes and 36 adjustment settings easily suited for you, we recommend this throttle controller product as the best fit for your vehicle for these pedal commander on a Audi A6 4.2l reviews.

The PC72 is a good fit for the Honda Civic. However, you have to ensure that you plug the throttle controller properly into your gas pedal. This extra warning goes with the Honda Civic because loose plugs could trigger vibrations, which is not great for your vehicle.

Other Alternate Products To Pedal Commander

This Sprint Booster 77-12007 will serve as a substitute throttle controller in the pedal commander ram 2012 3500 6.7 reviews. This sprint booster model has four acceleration modes, just like the pedal commander ram. Thanks to its extra 37 acceleration adjustment settings that enable you to get the best from this throttle controller. It is specifically designed for the Dodge ram models from 2012 – 2017.

Sprint Booster for 02-18 Mini Coopers

The Sprint Booster V3 model has an automatic input that eliminates hesitation and lag in your mini copper’s throttle system. With three special acceleration modes suited for different purposes, the sprint booster v3 promises up to a 60% boost in the performance response of your vehicle.

If you get check engine lights when this is installed on your mini coopers, you might want to confirm that all connections are as tight as they should be. However, if it remains after you have confirmed that there are no loopholes, then the sprint booster might not be compatible with your car.

Mini-Mania V3-2

The latest Spring Booster v3 technology for Toyota 4runner is power-packed with more performance benefits for the vehicle. The rate of increase in responsiveness recorded with this Spring booster model can’t be compared to anything else. It also has a money-back guarantee offer within thirty days of purchase. 

The 4runner model also features a plug and play, simple and easy installation, which can be described as a bolt-on process.

The small and mighty plug-play connection makes your Toyota 4runner rev to life in a way you might never have experienced. The Toyota 4runner might be well-known for its initial lag, but the quick response aided by the Sprint booster will surprise you.

The spring booster 77-16302 model comes with the typical number of acceleration mode and settings; they can be tweaked to your choice. The spring booster is noted for its reduced response time and its inability to affect the electronic system of your vehicle. The model Sprint Booster is designed for the BMW. We recommend this throttle controller product for the BMW E90.

Pedal Commander vs. Sprint Booster

Afe Power 77 16302

In Pedal commander ram 3500 6.7 reviews, the Sprint Booster is usually regarded as the first throttle controlling product to come into the market. The Sprint Booster and the Pedal Commander are both throttle controller products. However, there are slight differences that exist between these two products. We will address these differences and similarities below:


The Sprint Booster is smaller than the Pedal Commander, which makes it hardly seen after installation. However, the Pedal Commander is heavier and cannot be ignored after it has been installed. It is very visible to the driver.

Bluetooth Connections

Pedal Commanders have a Bluetooth connection that enables drivers to switch modes with his phone while driving. This provides an option for the driver that does not want to manipulate the pedal commander directly while driving.

However, the Sprint booster has no Bluetooth capability. On the other hand, the sprint booster boasts of some unique features too, such as the valet and pedal lock mode.

For the valet mode, it enables others who don’t understand the mechanism of your car to drive comfortably. Once the valet mode is activated, your car won’t move aggressively.

For the Pedal lock mode, your Sprint Booster has a lock activated on it, which can only be accessed by a passcode. This locking mechanism helps protect your car from theft and other related incidents.

On https://www.challengertalk.com/ community, a member commented on the importance of these two modes:

“The other nice thing about the Sprint Booster V3 is it has 2 additional features – valet mode and pedal lock mode. So Valet mode under powers it (only allows x amount of hp) and the pedal lock mode – nothing happens when you hit the gas – it basically disables your pedal. Great for someone trying to steal your car.”

Pedal COmmander Dodge Ram


Pedal Commanders are more expensive than Sprint Boosters. Pedal Commanders have price tags that start at $300, which is higher than the cost of a Sprint Booster.

Available Modes

Sprint Booster and Pedal Commander have throttle sensitivity modes that give drivers control over their cars.

The Pedal Commander has four different modes, which are controlled by eight settings. These modes are Eco Mode, City Mode, Sport Mode, Sport+ Mode. Each of the eight settings consists of four negatives and four positives, which applies to every mode. With Pedal Commander, every driver has a long list of settings to explore.

On the other hand, Sprint Booster has just three modes – Sport mode, Race mode, and Off mode. Each of these modes has about nine adjustment settings.

Installation Guide for Pedal Commanders on Toyota Tacoma

This guide will show you everything you need to know about installing the Pedal Commander on your Toyota Tacoma. This can be simply done within twenty minutes; once every cable is plugged in correctly. The installation procedures noted here for pedal commander Tacoma relates to the 3rd generation of Toyota Tacoma.

  1. Locate the gas pedal in your vehicle. This will be found around your brake and accelerator area.
  2. There are two cables on the pedal commander that has to be inserted in a connection found at the backside of the gas pedal. Remove the already inserted cable so that you can insert your pedal commander cables.
  3. Examine the two cables, one of them has a white inner, and the other has a black inner. Insert the white one into the slot for the inserted cable you removed earlier, then insert the black one into the removed cable.
  4. Once connected, the next thing you have to figure out is where to attach your pedal commander to. You need to attach it to a spot that can be easily accessed while driving. We recommend that you attach it close to your stereo player, where it is visible to you from the top of your steering.
  5. Attach the Velcro to the pedal commander’s bracket and mount on your desired spot, then slide your attached pedal commander in. You can always slide out the pedal commander and use it whenever you need it.
  6. Voila! You are good to go! A leaflet guide comes with the pedal commander. You can read it in your spare time to know how to manipulate the pedal commander.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Pedal Commanders

Q. How do I get a Pedal Commander that fit my vehicle?

Visit their official website – pedalcommander.com. Once there, you will find a drop-down list containing a list of different car models. You can pick your car model and engine size, then check for the pedal commander model that suits your choice. Our guide should help you know the most ideal PC model for your car. If ever in doubt, do not fail to seek expert help.

Q. Does the Pedal Commander setting change when I tune my car off?

No, the Pedal Commander setting does not change when you tune your car off. When your car comes on, your pedal commander comes on; then you can set it to the mode that you intend to drive with. When you tune the car off, the pedal commander goes off, but it does not change the initial settings.

Q. How do I turn off my Pedal Commander?

To turn off your pedal commander, press the star button till the light is off. You might have to do this for three seconds.

Q. What Pedal Commander will you recommend for me in the pedal commander reviews Mercedez Benz and e55amg with Pedal Commander Reviews?

We recommend the PC43 as it concerns the E55 W211 pedal commander reviews. The PC43 for the Mercedes E-Class suits both 3rd and 4th generation of this vehicle. You can increase the performance of your vehicle with this pedal commander.

Q. What is the correct way to change to another mode when driving?

Ensure that your foot is off the gas pedal before you change to any other mode. DO NOT change modes when your foot is on the gas pedal.

Q. Will installing the pedal commander on my car cancel my warranty?

The pedal commander does not void your warranty because it does not leave any mark on your Engine Control Unit. It does not cause any damage to your ECU either.

Q. Kindly suggest a Pedal Commander for my Mazda 3?

We recommend the PC41 as the best for the Mazda 3 Pedal Commander tuner. It is also compatible with the Mazda 2 car model.

Q. What is the best model for Pedal Commander Chevrolet Colorado?

The best Pedal Commander for your Colorado is the PC07.


Pedal Commanders are throttle controllers, and they do not increase your horsepower. However, they send signals to the engine, resulting in a boost of your throttle response and a significant increase in your acceleration.

In this pedal commander reviews, we considered several models that suit different car models. We also reviewed other throttle controller products as alternatives to the pedal commander. Whatever choice you make, you can never go wrong with any of these.

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