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Your SUV serves you a myriad of purposes. It can also serve as the best camping spot for your road trip. Discover the best accessories and SUV tents you can get at the best price. Jump in on this review to find out.

We have research most popular SUV Tents for more than 30 days and now we know which products are the best!

Sean Wylam, Editor

SUV tents are must-have camping essentials for all lovers of offroad and outdoor trips. We will not go on about the importance of having a camping tent; you probably know that. However, one question that plagues the minds of drivers is the availability of good camping tents and accessories for non-truck vehicles, like SUVs.

The answer is Yes. There are various choices available in the market suitable for your model of SUV. In this SUV Tent review, we will help you analyze each compatible product found so that you can make the best decision for your vehicle, your trip, and your comfort.

Read through this article to find out numerous SUV tent options available for you. At the end, kindly share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

We think the Explorer 2 tent is an absolute yes, as long it fits your SUV model. Apart from this downside, it is one of the most durable, budget-friendly, and compact-sized tent you would ever find in the market.



Best Napier Family-sized tent

Best Spacious SUV Tent

Best Affordable Family-Sized SUV tent

Best Power Outlet Tent


Napier Family SUV Tent

Rightline SUV Tent

Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

Backroadz Tent for SUVs


Large Storage Bag

Room for six

Steel & Fiber poles


Ground Tent

Sewn-in Floor

Perfect for Tall Adults


Simple Mounting

Pockets & Light Hook

1-year Warranty


Dual Options

Convenient Storage

Storm flaps & rainfly

Storm flaps & Rainfly

Space for power outlets

Large room space

Storage pockets & hooks




No rainfly attachment

Rips within short time

Poor quality stakes

No privacy

More people for setup


Low Quality


Catch in on the durability gains from purchasing this SUV tent. The Napier family tent is an absolute yes! You might have to stress your pocket a bit, but this product is worth every dime.

We recommend this Tent for family trips and outings. It is large enough to accommodate all members of an average family.

The Backroadz SUV tent is recommended as an affordable family-size tent for your trip needs. Its dual feature as a stand-alone tent gives you the variety of camping off your car.

The Backroadz SUV tent is an absolute buy! Its rainfly, storm flaps, and space for power outlets are exciting features you wouldn’t want to miss in this Napier product.


Best SUV Hatchback Tent

Best compact-sized tent


Napier Sportz Cove for SUV

DAC Explorer SUV & Minivan Tent


Light & Simple



Extendable Awning

Simple set-up


Value for your money


Easy to pack


Might not keep spiders out

Tricky setup

Not for Jeep 2018 Cherokee

Not custom fit


If you want it economical yet perfect for all camping purposes, this is your plug. The Napier SUV car tent is an excellent choice for you.

We think the Explorer 2 tent is an absolute yes, as long it fits your SUV model.


Best Stylish SUV Tent

Best Tent Attachment for SUV Truck Tent


Napier Sport Dome Tent

Napier Sportz Link Extension for SUV


Rainfly & Awning


Dual Purpose

Weather Proof

Attachment tent


Easy set-up


Tricky set-up & removal

Not fit for hatchback

Might use tarp

No zipper for screen windows


The Sportz Dome tent has a unique style you cannot resist. It is a must buy if you’re searching for a 4-person tent.

For your extra SUV canopy tent, this is an excellent shopping choice. It gives your family all the extra space they need on your camping trip. You shouldn’t miss out on this.

Napier Family SUV Tent – Best Napier Family-sized tent

This SUV tent with screen room is a uniquely designed family size tent occupying about 6 adult persons. Its 10’ by 10’ foot space allows enough room for tall persons. With an extra cargo space, you can have a spacy time with your family. Unlike other tent poles, this Napier SUV tentpole is made of steel and fiber-glass. The tent is protected by the custom zipper closure and can be set up by a single person. Its design of blue and grey or blue and tan gives you a nice color blend for a peaceful night rest.


  • Room for six: Think about a convenient camping space for every member of your family. This Napier tent is the best choice for you.
  • Large storage bag: Organize all your handy items in this tent’s storage bag and rid your tent free of clutters and disorganized objects.
  • Ground Tent: The SUV tent camping can also serve as a floor tent once you rid off the vehicle sleeve. You can enjoy the dual purposes this tent serves once you place an order.
  • Steel and Fiber-glass pole: The steel and fiber-glass make of this tent pole assures users of a more reliable fit and lasting span.
  • Durable: This tent was built to serve you for a long time.


  • Expensive: This tent is costlier than other tents in SUV tent reviews. If you don’t care abou the cost, then this is your deal!
  • Heavy: This tent might weigh more pounds than expected.
  • No proper rainfly attachment: Some tent users complain that there is no appropriate provision for a rainfly, especially when the tent is used as a stand-alone floor tent.

Our Judgment

Catch in on the durability gains from purchasing this best SUV tent. If you ask us, we will say the Napier family tent is an absolute yes! You might have to stress your pocket a bit, but this product is worth every dime.

Backroadz Tent for SUVsBest Power Outlet Tent

This Backroadz SUV tent by Napier is available in a blend of green and grey colors and has the usual zipper closure type. The tent houses five adults and was constructed to fit SUVs and minivans. The tent has a large door and three mesh windows that ensure proper ventilation. With its convertible sleeves, you can enjoy a bug-free rest.

Its tent poles are made of corded fiber-glass, and it also features storm flaps for rainy weather.


  • Rainfly and  Storm Flaps: This tent off back of SUV has appropraiately seamed rainfly and storm flaps, which keeps you quite dry when the storms show up on your trip.
  • Space for power outlets: The tent also features extra space for connection to power outlets for your phones and other devices. You wouldn’t have to deal with a low battery while on your trip.
  • Gear Pocket and Lantern Hooks: The gear pocket keeps your item organized while the lantern hooks hold your lamp or lantern in place.
  • Large Room: The tent has sufficient space for five tall adults. You don’t have to cramp up your friends in this tent. There is room for all


  • Leakages: Tent users complain of experiencing leakages with the tent when the rain falls. However, the instruction on this SUV camper tent encourages users to weatherproof the seams. This could save you severe leakage problems.
  • Cheap SUV Tent: The tent is made of low-grade materials, resulting in ripped tent material, broken poles, and other related issues.

What do we think?

Although you might have to weatherproof its seams for best use, we think the Backroadz SUV tent is an absolute buy! Its rainfly, storm flaps, and space for power outlets are exciting features you wouldn’t want to miss in this Napier product.

Napier Sport Dome Tent – Best Stylish SUV Tent

Just as its name implies, the SUV 4 Person Tent looks like a dome. With its screen windows and flexible zipper closure, the tent can accommodate about four adult persons. It has two large doors and three mesh windows. It also has a rainfly and an awning for shade. For storage options, the dome tent has pockets and gear lofts, which helps your items stay organized.

The dome tent has a strict blue and grey design and weighs about 25 pounds. Its tent poles are also made with fiber-glass.


  • Rainfly and  Awning: The Dome tent has an awning that gives you shade when the sun is at its hottest.
  • Storage pockets and gear loft: Keep all objects and items thoroughly organized with these storage solutions.
  • Stylish: The Napier Sportz SUV tent is stylishly designed. It looks like a dome and has and has a sporty blue and grey color design.
  • Dual Purposes: This tent serves as an SUV tent and a regular tent. If you ever get tired of sleeping in your cargo area, this tent won’t have you stuck.
  • Weatherproof: You don’t have to bother about the rains. This tent will keep you safe and dry. It is tested and trusted to be weatherproof


  • Not perfect fit for a hatchback: This tent might not perfectly fit an SUV hatchback model.
  • Trick set-up and removal: Fixing or unpacking this dome tent might be a little stressful, especially if you’re not so tall.

Our Verdict

The Sportz Dome tent has a unique style you cannot resist. It is attractive and proven to be weatherproof.  It is a must buy if you’re searching for a 4-person tent.

Napier Backroadz SUV Tent – Best Backroadz SUV tent

The Napier SUV tent campers with a 9’ by 9’ space can accommodate five persons. It has an attractive green, grey, and beige color design, making it another family-sized tent option for you.

The tent might be quite heavy, but be assured that it can also be converted to a stand-alone tent. If you ever get tired of sleeping in the cargo area, this tent offers you the dual option of sleeping on the floor. For proper ventilation and access to the tent, it possesses three mesh windows and a large door.  The tent poles are made of custom fiber-glass.


  • Dual Options: You can use this Napier Backroadz as a Jeep SUV Tent or a stand-alone regular tent. Whatever choice you make, this tent will serve you the best purposes.
  • Ventilation: The tent has enough ventilation outlets to ensure you have a nice and comfy sleep.
  • Storm flap and rainfly: This tent has a large storm flap and rainfly, which protects you from the rainy weather. However, the rainfly can also be used to cover the screen windows for more privacy
  • Convenient storage solutions: The Napier backroadz SUV tent has a storage compartment that is as big as the tent gets.


  • No window privacy: The tent has two screen windows with no zipped covers to ensure the privacy of those in the tent. However, you can always let down the rainfly for your privacy.
  • Needs more people to set up: Fixing the tent might be quite tricky and might require more people to set up.

Our Verdict

The Backroadz SUV tent is recommended as an affordable family-size tent for your trip needs. Its dual feature as a stand-alone tent gives you the variety of camping off your car.

Rightline SUV TentBest Spacious SUV Tent

The Rightline SUV tent comes in the typical orange design with zipper closure. The tent is large enough to accommodate six persons. It hooks at the back of your car, unto the floor base, and its poles are constructed from fiber-glass. This SUV camping tent is a family-sized tent that is a universal fit for SUVs and SUV jeeps. Apart from its simple DIY installation, you also have a one-year warranty for purchasing this product.


  • Sewn-in floor: You wouldn’t need to buy an extra ground tarp when using this SUV camper tent. It has a sewn-in base that keeps off debris, crawling insects, and water.
  • Simple mounting Procedure: Find an excellent parking spot, park your SUV, unpack your tent, and get it fixed in less than thirty minutes. It is that simple and easy to mount, with zero stress.
  • One-year warranty: If you are dissatisfied with the tent or experience any factory defects after purchasing the tent or during your first year of usage, you can always grab your warranty.
  • Family-Sized Tent: In this Rightline SUV tent review, we discovered that this tent could accommodate as many as six adult persons in the main tent and in the cargo area.
  • Perfect for Tall Adults: If you are as tall as six ft, then you’re covered. This tent got nothing on your height.
  • Pockets and Lantern Hooks: The storage pockets help you store handy items carefully, while the lantern hooks make provisions for you to light up the tent.
  • Waterproof: The tent for SUV is water-resistant and keeps you dry from sudden storms and rainfalls. The tent also has a rainfly that ensures you don’t get soaked in the rain.


  • Rips within a short period: In as much as, these situations are inevitable, these Rightline gear SUV tent seems to rip off within a short period of use. This trumps its durability features.
  • Poor Quality Stakes: Tent users complain of how easily the tent stakes bend during use or when being packed.
  • Stuck Zipper: It has a zipper closure, which could get stuck in its cloth material. This could be really frustrating, but once you find your way around it. You’re good to go!

Our Verdict

We recommend the Rightline Gear SUV Tent for family trips and outings. The tent is large enough to accommodate all members of an average family.

Napier Sportz Cove for SUV Best SUV Hatchback Tent

This Sportz Cove SUV hatchback tent has a strict gray design, and it is a budget-friendly tent, which accommodates a maximum of 2 adult persons. You don’t have to worry about lifting some heavy-weight because this tent is extra light. The Sportz SUV tent has a mesh screen for a bug-free window view and a storm flap for weather use.


  • Light and Simple: This basic tent provides you and your friend/partner a simple camper without the drama of weight and unnecessary space.
  • Budget-friendly tent: If you don’t have the cash for a giant tent, then this serves you a camping purpose for a lower price. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this deal.
  • Convenient storage bag: You can also save and organize important items with this SUV tent camper.
  • Great for storms: This tent offers users ultimate protection against rain, wind, and sudden storms.
  • Extendable Awning: This SUV hatch tent features an awning that keeps you protected from the sun and gives you shade when you need it.


  • Might not keep the spiders out: After fixing the gap, you might find tiny spaces where spiders could creep in. It is advisable that you spray some insecticides for double proof.
  • Tricky set-up: It might take you a little while to figure out the proper way to fix it, but once this is done, you’re good to go!

Our Opinion

If you want it economical yet perfect for all camping purposes, this is your plug. The Napier SUV car tent is an excellent choice for you.

DAC Explorer SUV & Minivan TentBest Compact-Sized Tent

The Simple explorer 2 SUV tent has a relatively different design from other tents in this review. The explorer tent by DAC has a ‘T‘ layout and a two way zipper closure that makes it easy to enter the vehicle. The tent has a lasso cord with plastic hooks attached to the vehicle. You can fold and tie back the outer door of the tent for appropriate ventilation. This SUV hatch tent is also a budget-friendly and compact-sized tent.


  • Economical: If you do not need the family-sized tent, you can always get this low-priced deal.
  • Simple Set-up: You can get this tent up and covered within a few minutes, so you snuggle up to your cozy bed.
  • Value for your money: The tent is made of high-grade nylon, heavy-duty zippers, and lasso cords. All these help the tent stay in place and not rip off. We assure you that with this tent, you get ultimate value for your money.
  • Sufficient air circulation: With this SUV tailgate tent, you will experience plenty of ventilation without opening your SUV windows.
  • Easy to pack: Are you done camping? Get your tent packed and rolled up in no time.


  • Not a great fit for the 2018 Jeep Cherokee SUV: You might have to put in a lot of effort to make this work for your jeep. It is a poor fit for this vehicle model.
  • Not Custom fit: Unlike other tents in the SUV camping tent reviews, that might be custom made for all SUV vehicles. This tent does not fit all vehicles like a glove. You might have to make a lot of modifications using magnets. Other times, it might provide a really poor fitting for your vehicle, which cannot withstand terrible windy storms.

What do we think?

We think the Explorer 2 tent is an absolute yes, as long it fits your SUV model. Apart from this downside, it is one of the most durable, budget-friendly, and compact-sized tent you would ever find in the market.

Napier Sportz Link Extension for SUVBest Tent Attachment for SUV Truck Tent

This is the Napier tent attachment for SUV. It will not work as your regular SUV tent, which is mainly attached to your vehicle. Just as its name implies, it is an attachment tent that provides you extra space if you have to camp a large set of people, and your regular tent will not suffice.

This tent extension for SUV is a link up to the main tent, and it can accommodate up to 4 adult persons. It has the typical zipper closure, and it is your best bet for more space.


  • Attachment Tent: This SUV truck tent is attached to your main tent. It provides more space for other persons to camp in your tent.
  • Simple Installation: The attachment tent is pretty simple to fix.
  • Affordable: The tent is affordable and serves as a great addition to your SUV truck tent, especially if you have a large family.


  • No proper zipper closure on screen windows: The downside of this tent attached to SUV is, you might have to get your rainfly covered often because the window lacks adequate closure.
  • Might have to use a tarp: You might have to use a tarp with this tent to prevent critters, debris, dirt, or water from getting into the tent.
  • No flaps on windows: There are no storm flaps on the windows to prevent rain issues.

Our Verdict

For your extra SUV canopy tent, this is an excellent shopping choice. It gives your family all the extra space they need on your camping trip. You shouldn’t miss out on this.

Other Alternate SUV Tent Products

Danchel Rooftop Tent for SUV

This SUV roof rack tent is available in different designs – white khaki and black khaki. It can accommodate about three persons, and it is made of steel. This roof tent has a different rectangular shape from other round-shaped tents. Just like most rooftop tents, this is quite expensive, but if you love to have some extra fun, this is your deal.

The top of SUV tent comes with various accessories for a more comfortable sleep. In its package, you would find these items: Rooftop tent, mattress, light, hook, installation kit, ladder. This tent is an all exclusive package for your SUV. It is ideal for outdoor excursions, offroad trips, and other camping purposes.

However, this tent might be quite heavy and might require more than one person to set up. Although once you figure out how the installation procedures, it will be simple to set up. Overall, this Danchel tent has been proven, tested, and trusted to be durable and made of top-grade materials for your comfort and satisfaction.

Thule Tepui Rooftop Tent

The Thule Tepui is also a tent that goes on top of SUV has options for a 2-person, 3-person,  or 4-person tent. It is available in an attractive shade of gray, blue, and olive green. You can crown it the most expensive rooftop SUV tent you would find in the market; its high quality is the reason for this.

The Thule Tepui tent has a removable annex – a totally awesome feature of this rooftop tent. It is made from the best quality of fabrics and possesses an internal frame, well constructed to resist various elements.  The tent is durable and would last you a long time, its diamond plate base ensures that.

The tent has four large storage pockets for the organization of your camping items. The tent also comes with other essential accessories like a removable annex, ladder for lifted vehicles, travel cover to keep your tent dry, high-density mattress.

For a choice of SUV camper top tent, this is your best deal!

Tepui Insulator for Roof-top Tent

This insulator for rooftop tents keeps your tent warm from the elements. It is fitted, and it also pimps up the appearance of your rooftop tent. It is available in different sizes depending on the number of persons a tent can accommodate. It is a great addition to the Thule Tepui roof top tent. There are provisions on the insulator to access zippers for mesh windows and entrance doors.

SUV Tent Accessories

The following accessories can be purchased as a great addition to the SUV rear tent. They make your night comfortable and warm. Grab any of these accessories and upgrade your camping game.

Willpo Camping Mattress

Getting a compatible SUV trunk tent is one side of the coin, but getting comfy in your compatible tent requires a soft and comfortable mattress like the Willpo foam. The mattress is available in different sizes ranging from the smallest single size to a twin size.The foam is made of Velba fabric and has a stylish gray and black color blend. The foam is best for camping trips as it can be easily packed and rolled up after use.

This mattress gives a different feel from other camping beds because it does not sink in and helps you get relaxed. Thanks to its removable waterproof sheet, it can be pulled off and washed via laundry machines. Once the zipper is off, the sheet comes off for washing.

The Willpo mattress is relatively light and poses no stress to pack or clean. It is an absolute buy!

Vont Camping Lantern with Batteries

Light up your camping tent for SUV with this Vont LED light. Some SUV tents come with light hooks to save you the stress of finding a place to fix your lantern. Simply hang this light, and you’re good to go! The lantern LED light is powered by batteries, and it is exceptionally bright. The lifespan for the battery life of this light is ninety hours.

A fantastic feature of the Vont LED lantern is that it can be collapsed. This feature makes manipulation of the light quite simple. The lantern weighs just about 470 grams and can easily fit into anywhere when packed.  Made from the best quality materials, this lantern is proven to be better than most camping lanterns available in the market. To back this proof is a lifetime warranty on this product; what else could you be looking for in a LED light?

Hasika Versatility Teardrop Awning 

The Hasika Awning can serve as an SUV tent attachment, which provides shade for its users. The waterproof awning is large enough to provide shade for four persons from various elements. It is durable and comes with two extra sandbags. Thanks to its polyester fabric make, it is a durable awning built to last you for a while.

Odoland Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

The Odoland joint fan and lantern is a must-buy accessory for your SUV tent, especially when camping in a hot region. The light/fan has a hook hung on the provided lantern hook strap in your tent. Based on its high and low settings, you can increase or decrease the fan. Make your tent cozy and lit with this two-in-one piece by Odoland.

It is battery-powered and lasts for a while, depending on the capacity of the battery. However, batteries are not included in this pack.

SUV Tent Buyers Guide: Purchasing the right camping tent for your SUV

Getting the best camping SUV tent that will fit your camping purpose could be quite tricky. However, in this review, we will discuss some important factors you might have to look out for in a tent before clicking the ‘order’  button. Let us get right into it!


You want to be assured that your tent will not rip off while you are still trying to set up. Ensuring that your SUV  tent is made from top-grade materials that can withstand various elements is very important. This might mean that the tent is waterproof and UV resistant. Materials like fiber-glass poles, water-resistant polyester nylon, and inverted seams are recommended for you.


How many persons do you intend to house in your tent? If you have an average family, you might need to purchase a family-sized tent to fit your needs. However, if you want a simple and compact-sized tent, you should opt for a 2-3 person tent.

You might also need to buy a tent larger than the number of people on your trip. For instance, for a group of 4, consider purchasing a 5-person tent. This will cover up for issues like claustrophobia, frequent toss and turns, and plus size persons.


There are several kinds of tents available for your SUV. Would you rather opt for a rooftop tent or a trunk tent that also serves as a stand-alone tent. This factor depends strictly on your choice.

On the other hand, the type of tent might also include its style – dome tent, peak height tent. Each of these tents is best for different purposes. The dome tent is built for strong, stormy weather, while the peak height tent is best for tall persons. It can accommodate your full height while you change your clothes or stretch.

Ventilation and number of entrance doors

You want to purchase a tent that has enough mesh windows, which allows for sufficient air circulation. If you opt for a tent that cannot boast of this features, you might feel like you’re suffocating in your space, and this could be bad for claustrophobic persons.

Tents with more entrance doors prevent the trouble of disturbing others while sleeping. For tents with double entrance doors, any person can go through another entrance door without interrupting the sleep of others.

SUV Tent Installation Guide: Basic set-up procedures for your Napier Sportz SUV Tent

Setting up an SUV tent is simple. Based on the kind of tent you have, the mounting procedure might require just one or two persons. We will show you how to get your Napier tent set up in no time with two persons. Here is how:

  1. Open your SUV trunk
  2. Pull out your tent, unpack, and spread it on the ground. Ensure the vehicle sleeve side of your tent is facing your vehicle’s cargo area. Remember, the tent is set up really close to your vehicle, with the sleeve side facing the SUV.
  3. Unfold each section of your tent pole. Insert the four short fiber-glass poles into their respective sleeve on the roof of your tent. One end should be fixed in the center; the other end should be at the corner joint.
  4. Raise the tent by inserting four out of the six long steel poles in respective corner joints. Insert the other end into the grommet holes corner.
  5. After it has been raised, check outside the tent for pole clips, attach each of them to the long steel poles.
  6. Go inside the tent and unzip the access door to your SUV. Roll it and secure it with some T-straps.
  7. If the tent wasn’t close to your SUV, move it towards the open cargo area of your SUV.
  8. From the access door you unzipped, slide the vehicle sleeve over the open hatchback and under the car bottom bumper.
  9. Find the straps on the vehicle sleeve and attach them to your vehicle roof rack. After this, tighten the straps to the roof rack.
  10. Hook two bottom outside straps to your wheel well and tighten. Do not put the vehicle sleeve over your exhaust system. You don’t want fumes to ruin your space.
  11. In the tent, search for the center strap by the bumper and attach it to the tailgate latch. Also, attach the two outer hooks to the tailgate latch.

SUV Tent Questions and Answers

Hello! I love the latest pop up tents I see around; they are quite easy to pack and unpack. I want to know if there is any existing SUV pop up tent?

Yes! The SUV pop-up tent is not so popular, but you might want to check out the Carsule on Odditymall. According to the Odditymall, here are some features of the tent,

“It’s called the Carsule by Mogics, and it’s the perfect way to get away from the bugs, heat, or weather, and offers a nice relaxing area inside for up to 4 people to sit around a table. You can even use the tailgate tent to sleep in, as it can sleep up to 2 adults comfortably while the kids sleep inside the SUV or minivan.”


Kindly recommend a Texsport retreat SUV tent for my jeep or preferably a Campright SUV tent. I think I prefer the latter brand.

For your SUV jeep, we recommend the Rightline Gear 110905 Campright SUV tent for its spacious features. It can accommodate about six persons. It has a unique gray and red blend, which makes it attractive. It also has a sewn-in polythene bathtub base.


Before going on an offroad/outdoor trip, especially if you intend to spend a couple of nights at your desired location, you need to get a camping tent for your vehicle. With the SUV tent, you save yourself the stress of searching for an excellent camping ground.

There are a couple of durable SUV tents in the market that are compatible with all SUV cars and jeeps. Whatever model your vehicle is, you might have to consider numerous factors (already discussed in this review) before settling for a choice.

There are several trusted brands for car tents, but you can decide to choose the stylish designs of Napier or the spacious features of Rightline Gear. If you want it simple, DAC Explorer is your deal. For rooftop tents, you can either opt for Thule Tepui or Danchel.


  1. I’m planning to buy a Napier tent for my suv to go on 2 day camping soon. I wonder what are the complaints or suggestions. I think this would be good for me while the kids are roaming around I can take a nap. What would be the pros and cons compared to a ground tent? Are the SUV tent durable to withstand strong winds

  2. I’m planning to buy a Napier tent for my 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser to go on 2 day camping soon. I wonder what the complaints or suggestions are. I think this would be good for me while the kids are roaming around so I can take a nap. What would be the pros and cons compared to a ground tent? Are the SUV tents durable to withstand strong winds?

    • It is an attachment at the back so it works the same like a ground tent. The only thing that I worry is I would not use this if there are known scorpions around the area. I really don’t know if there is such a thing that have crawled into tents but I would not take the risk. Aside from that, it can withstand strong winds. That is where you will have an option to get a roof top tent or this Napier ones.

  3. I just bought this Napier tent for 2 days of camping. I was able to make this tent stand up straight and it rained once. You can set this up alone, and without great difficulty.


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