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We spent more than 45 days of testing gun magnets and now we are happy to present TOP 4+4 hottest products rating!




The toughest decision to make when shopping truck gun magnet or gun magnet for car is understanding your needs and deciding which suitable for your firearm. This review of the best gun magnets looks at the various magnet holsters, mounts, and holders to determine the most ideal for each particular application and category of firearm.


Recommended Weapon Accessories

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Top 5 The Best Car Gun Magnet

The Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder can help to store your firearms cautiously. This accessory has a creative design which combines a trigger guard and magnetic holder. Upon close inspection, the holder reveals outstanding characteristics such as trigger protection, extensive strength, drill-proof mounting capability, position flexibility and firearm model versatility as described in its review video. Here is more about this professional holder.


  • It protects the trigger mechanism from accidental discharge.
  • Its compact proportions make it possible to stick this holder anywhere.
  • The accessory is made of neodymium resulting in a weight capacity of 15 pounds and impeccable resilience.
  • The magnetic sections are coated with rubber to preserve your firearm’s neat surface.
  • Installation does not involve any drilling.
  • Owners can set up this accessory anywhere.
  • It is compatible with various types of firearms.


  • Two or more of these holders are needed to secure a shotgun or rifle.

Our Summary

Gun owners can expect convenience, security and long-lasting services from the Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder. It is made of rare earth metal, has a space-saving design and incorporates a trigger guard. With this accessory in your possession, storing your handguns is easy and convenient.

Stinger Tools Brand

Founded in 2015, Stinger Tools manufactures life-saving accessories and gear. Located in Houston, Texas, USA, the company maintains focus on delivering ergonomic, exhaustive products. Every solution contained in their consistently growing collection of life-saving products such as the Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder reflects their passion for solving real-life problems. 

Stinger Gun Magnet Main Features:

1. Gun Holder For Car Trigger Protection

The accessory covers the trigger entirely so as to prevent accidental discharge. Thanks to its magnetic holder, the attachment can be positioned in a convenient way to facilitate easy access to your firearm while protecting the trigger mechanism at the same time. As such, owners can position the unit on the table, car, doorway, desk, cashier, bedside or vehicle.

2. Stinger Magnetic Holster Strong Construction And Design

The magnet which forms a large section of this holder is made of neodymium, a rare earth metal. Due to this material, the holder can comfortably support up to 15 pounds of weight. As a result, your firearm will stay stable even when driving on rough terrain. Moreover, each magnet is coated with a layer of rubber to prevent your firearm from getting scraped or scratched. A unique feature of this gun storage accessory is a Halbach array mechanism which prevents the magnetism from damaging sensitive electronics in your vehicle

3. Best Car Holster No Drill Installation

Drilling holes is tedious and can cause unsightly damage on sensitive surfaces. For this reason, the gun holder comes with a non-drill installation mechanism. It is equipped with a Heavy-Duty adhesive backer plate which creates a large surface area for a firm hold. Setting it up on any surface involves three simple steps:

  1. Secure the ideal position for your gun holder using the adhesive two-sided tape.
  2. Guide the zip ties that are included through the Stinger mount and the corresponding holes within the plate.
  3. Finally, attach the entire plate to your desired surface.

Remember, always clean the surface before attaching this holder.

4. Best Car Gun Holster Mounting On Any Surface

Owners can place this holder on any flat surface. The unit has dimensions of 4.4”L x 1.75”W x .3.5”H resulting in a compact appearance. Due to this design, it can be placed in any location. As a matter of fact, this configuration creates opportunities for camouflage. With this in mind, owners can place the holder in a closet, under the desk, on the nightstand, in the gun safe, garage or the car.

5. Stinger Gun Magnet Versatile Usage

This gun accessory is fully compatible with a wide variety of firearm models. Some examples of these include Smith & Wesson, Browning, Remington, Winchester, Glock, Mossberg, Rossi, Taurus, Ruger, Kel Tec, Beretta, Walther, Sig Sauer, Colt, Heckler & Koch and FN Herstal just to mention a few. As such, it is an excellent gift!

Other Brands Alternatives To The Stinger Magnet For Cars And Trucks

Besides the minuscule drawbacks, Stinger is one of the best car gun magnet brands in the world. Yet they face intense competition from these alternatives.

Premium alternatives to the Rymmes — GMW

Gun Magnet World (GMW): Though the Rymmes Gun Magnet has built a reputation for strength across most gun sizes, most GMW products focus on larger firearms, capable of holding firm without screws. They provide the best gun magnet holders for trucks and cars without scrapping your pockets.


Lirisy: This manufacturer of gun holder magnet for cars has notched up thousands of sales. Without a doubt, this is due to the manufacturer’s focus on designing highly competitive products.

De Young

DeYoung: This manufacturer has rapidly built a solid reputation as a brand that puts a primary focus on results. However, they are not the recommended gun magnet for truck and car no screws work well with—particularly cars whose interiors consist of plastic and, as such, drilling leaves permanent damage.

Premium alternatives to the Rymmes — Foxx Holsters
Foxx Holsters: This is an American company that has, over the past nine years, engaged in the manufacture of gun holsters and firearm-related accessories. Their focus is on handling, durability, and comfort.
Premium alternatives to the Rymmes — Keeper MG

Keeper MG: Despite having an almost non-existent online presence, Keeper is the manufacturers of one of the best-selling gun holder magnet for cars and other locations. Their products focus on a compact design with easy installation on most surfaces.

The OYSIN Magnetic Gun Mount and Holder is undoubtedly one of the best car gun magnet holsters for handguns. Capable of fitting most flat top pistols, it displays superior strength, enabling your firearm to remain secure in the toughest terrains. This magnet allows for an easy and safe draw of your firearm. Capable of holding a handheld gun and every other accessory, this magnet is great for any gun owner who wishes to draw his pistol quickly and with ease. As the sole aim of gun mount safe securement of your weapon, the Oysin Magnetic Gun Mount and Holder is an excellent choice.

Why the Oysin Magnetic Gun Mount and Holder

  • Powerful – The Oysin car gun magnet holster firmly holds your gun without any risk of it dropping or falling. The car gun magnet’s superior quality will keep your flat top handheld firm irrespective of the terrain.
  • Ease of use – This car gun holder allows for a quick draw, and easy charge. There is no need to remove the gun to charge your weapon, as that can be done with the gun in the holster. The gun mount also installs easily and can be done within 5 minutes. This Oysin holder is arguably the best gun control car magnet.
  • Works with night sights – The Oysin Magnetic Gun mount and Holder works well with night sights.
  • Does not damage gun – the plastic coating on the Holder prevents your weapon from being damaged by protecting its finish.

Drawbacks of the Oysin Magnetic Gun Mount and Holder

  • Fits only selected firearms – This car gun holster magnet only works with a majority of flat-head handguns and cannot support any other weapon outside this. It does not support all SIGs and 1911s.
  • Durability – There are frequent complaints about the magnets failing after a few months, usually occurring within the first three months.
  • Cannot be mounted anywhere – This holster is not quite capable of holding your gun firmly with adhesives. Screws are required. This reduces the possible locations in which you may hide your weapon. The primary goal of this car gun holster magnet is quick charging and drawing. The Oysin car gun holder can easily be mounted in any of the locations that allow for fast charge and draw: such as by the door, underneath your steering wheel column, by the side of the center console or beside the radio

Is the Oysin Magnetic Gun Mount and Holder an excellent choice?

This car gun holster magnet is the perfect choice for any handgun owner who needs a holder that grants easy access to charge and remove his weapon. Yet it falls short in durability with customers often having to request a replacement within a few months.  The inability of the magnet to support adhesive tapes is a minor drawback. Yet this magnet holds firmly once screwed and lets you load and pull your gun out with ease while maintaining a firm grip on your firearm.  The magnet also has many safety features including stop at the bottom of the magnet that prevents the gun from sliding downwards. Oysin put in a lot of thought into the Magnetic Gun Mount, carefully crafting it for a select niche of firearms.

DeYoung gun mount can host a myriad of firearms and gadgets. From firearms such as magazines, riffles, shotguns, pistols, and handguns to household tools such as wrenches and knives, this truck and car gun magnet covers the field. Many gun magnets for cars and trucks brag about being able to hold all kinds of firearms, but the DeYoung Gun Magnet is one of the few that goes the distance in achieving this. Yet they are not the ultimate choice.

Pros of the DeYoung Gun Magnet

  • Tensile strength & Size – This Magnet can fit in anywhere – from underneath your car seat to holding your rifle to your back passenger seats. This gun magnet car holster is guaranteed to keep your firearm in place until an emergency arises. This magnet’s strength is felt when driving offroad, as it prevents guns from wobbling and falling off, especially when driving over bumpy roads. Thanks to its rare earth neodymium material.
  • Quality – DeYoung holster offers not only strength but also an anti-abrasive layer of silicone coating its surface to prevent scratches.  The magnet also comprises of a rubber cover that protects the gun.
  • Lifetime warranty – DeYoung guarantees their magnets for life. You get a brand-new gun magnet for your car if any issues traceable to the manufacturer can be spotted after purchase.

Drawbacks of the DeYoung Gun Magnet

  • Needs screws to fix – The DeYoung Gun Magnet is not the easiest to fix or mount because screws are mandatory. The use of screws is a major turnoff for many car owners. Screws leave permanent holes in your car’s interior, no matter how small. But if you can cope with a few tiny holes in your vehicle, all that is needed to mount this gun holster securely is a 2pcs heavy-duty screw.
  • Weight limitation – While we have proof by mounting this gun in cars that it can pull 46lbs when firmly screwed to a flat surface, there have been complaints. Many opine that the maximum pulling weight of this car gun mount is about 15 pounds. Of course, this may be due to a vast number of factors, such as firearm type, the weight of the firearm, and the installation of the magnet.
  • Does not work with all handguns – The DeYoung Gun Magnet does not work what all handguns. The product is not suitable for holding the G17, G19 as well as AR gun models well enough.

Is the DeYoung Magnet Holder an excellent choice?

This magnet has proven tensile strength and is the best one magnet gun car mount now. The magnet holder’s lifetime warranty serves as a testament to the gun’s quality. However, its inability to work with all handguns, the mandatory screwing before use, and possible weight limitations are sufficient reasons for a second thought.

The decision depends on how partial to having your car interior screwed, and the type and weight of your firearm.

One of the best magnet gun holder for cars, suitable for rifles, handguns, pistols, and revolvers, is the Rymmes Gun Magnet. This Gun Magnet also provides decent support for bigger weapons, when paired. We therefore recommend purchasing a pair of these gun magnets if you have a big gun you need concealing in your vehicle or home.

Why the Rymmes Truck Gun Magnet stays ahead of the fierce competition

  • Powerful – Few products match the immense power of the Rymmes Gun Magnet. Manufactured with N53 Neodymium these strongest magnets can hold any gun weighing up to 45lbs and heavier weapons when you pair the magnets. Yet they do not damage your firearm or any of the internal metal components.
  • Quality – The Rymmes Gun Magnet, despite its power and firmness, does not scratch or damage your gun in any way. This  is primarily due to the soft rubber coating that surrounds the magnet protecting your weapon.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – Yup, you read right. Rymmes guarantee their gun magnets for life. All you need to do is prove that you purchased from them or an authorized retailer, you are guaranteed a full refund if the product you ordered falls short.
  • Easy to mount – With this gun magnet for cars no screws are ordinarily required. Once you have a clean, flat surface, mounting your gun is a go. The Rymmes Gun Magnet installs using a 2-sided adhesive tape that does not damage the surface. An alternative means of fixing this gun magnet is by using screws provided.

Drawbacks of the Rymmes Gun Magnet

  • Hard to draw weapon – There have been numerous complaints by users who found it extremely difficult to draw their guns after installing it to the vehicle.
  • Does not work on all surface – Unless you are willing to drill holes in, in some car surfaces these are hard to mount. It also does not work on surfaces that are not flat. The adhesives are not strong enough to hold it – mainly if you use a large weapon.

Our decision

The Rymmes Gun Magnet is one of the most durable magnets available. With the Rymmes Gun Magnet firmly holding your gun, it is hard to imagine your gun wobbling or falling. You also have the added security that if it does fall short in any way, you can simply request a refund.


Besides the best 4 gun magnets mentioned above other notable gun magnets include the following:

The Keeper rubber-coated Gun Mount and holster can hold up to 35lbs in weight and is an excellent concealed holder for handguns, shotguns, rifles, and any other firearm under 35lbs. The Keeper Magnetic holder is easy to install, and its compact size is excellent for keeping your weapon concealed. The magnets rubber coating keeps your firearm clean and safe from scratches and any blemishes to its finish. This sturdy, powerful Holder can keep your gun safe from falling or shifting in all terrains. However, we strongly advise against mounting the magnet on your car doors. This advice is crucial, where the doors are heavyset. The magnets do not hold well in that scenario, especially where adhesives are used.  Another key drawback is that the Keeper Magnet Gun Holder must be secured with screws to support weights above 35lbs.

The Foxx Block magnetic gun mount is the recommended rifle and shotgun holder magnet for any car and truck. Foxx’s car gun mount can carry a fantastic up to 50lbs, firmly holding your firearm in a parallel or perpendicular position.  When two of these are combined, they provide a firm, powerful hold for most heavy guns.

The defining feature of this mount is its strength. Few brands, if any, can support a heavy firearm in the manner the Foxx Bloc does. Shotguns and rifles are held firmly with ease, on the most treacherous terrains, without the risk of them shaking or falling off. Although this Foxx Block comes as a one magnet gun mount, you may need a pair of these magnets to hold a vast majority of heavy firearms in place. The magnet’s urethane plastic covering keeps your gun is safe from scratches or blemishes.

Most gun users require a magnet that serves as an alternative to keeping their gun hidden in a box, drawer, or safe. They want a magnet strong enough to hold their weapon safe from falling and shaking, yet firm enough to allow for a quick draw, and most importantly, they do not want to damage their firearm in the process. The GMW Gun Magnet meets all these requirements, making it one of the most suitable magnets for gun owners.

Features of the GMW Gun Magnet

  • Sturdy Magnetic Grip – As common with best car magnet gun holders, the Gun Magnet World Buckler Series Gun Magnet is made with neodymium rare earth magnets and can hold up to 30lbs of firearms mounted parallel or perpendicularly.
  • Compatibility – The GMW Gun Magnets are compatible with most vehicle installations, however, instead of an adhesive, screws are required for heavier, larger weapons like rifles and shotguns.
  • Does not scratch firearm – The GMW’s rubber insulation protects your gun from sustaining scratches on its body. It is, therefore, easy to mount and release your weapon without causing any damage to it.
  • Ease of installation – The GMW Buckler Series can be mounted either with an adhesive – for those apprehensive of screwing into their cars – or with two screws. Unlike other products on this list, the screws are heavy duty. As such, they can firmly hold any firearm, when supported by additional magnets.
  • Can be installed anywhere – This magnet fits into any given location without any worry about the magnet falling. This ability is mainly due to its flat, compact, heavy-duty design, which eases installation on any flat surface in your car.
  • Customer service – It is often the extra that counts. GMW goes the extra mile to protect their customers, an attribute they take pride in.

GMW Buckler Series Negatives

  • Durability – The GMW gun magnet mount for cars has had numerous durability concerns. Many magnets rarely make it through the three months mark. Although GMW’s customer care is always available to assist and often provides a replacement, this is a serious concern.
  • Weak with heavier firearms – The GMW is ineffective with many full-sized pistols. Some adjustments may have to be made, such as purchasing additional magnets or using bigger screws to secure the magnet inside your vehicle.
  • Does not work with night sights mounted – The GMW has challenges working on CCW with night sights mounted.
  • May mar gun finish – Unverified claims abound that this car gun is likely to alter the finish of any firearm mounted for prolonged periods.

Is the GMW Buckler Series good value for money?

For mid-priced gun magnet mounts for cars utilizing premium materials, it is not bad. The GMW meets the basic requirements for the average gun owner: it is easy to install, can carry up to 30lbs, and has a compact design. Though it falls short on durability and is less effective in certain aspects, its positives have the upper edge.  Thousands of gun owners worldwide just cannot be wrong.

Easily bendable, strong, and durable, Lirisy is the most portable gun magnet for your car there is. Quite inconspicuous, this product can hide your handgun in any compartment in your car without reducing its accessibility.

Pros of the Lirisy Gun Magnet

  • Powerful – This four-screw magnet can hold any basic handgun in the market. The strength of the magnetprovides an end to any worries about your firearms slipping or falling and developing faults. The holster including mounting hardware can support a gun with no possibility of rotating even in rough terrain.
  • Low profile storage – This magnet is quite inconspicuous and can hide your gun virtually anywhere. Mainly owing to its small size, this magnet can fit in any space leaving more room for your weapon.
  • Holds most firearms – Possessing the holding capacity of 35 – 45lbs depending on the magnets, this magnet can hold any handgun. When screwed in it carries almost all shotguns or firearms.

Lirisy Gun Magnet Drawbacks

  • Small mounting screws – most users have complained about the small size and ineffectiveness of the Lirisy mounting screws. However, this challenge is easily fixed by purchasing more durable screws capable of supporting the weight of the magnet and weapon.
  • Needs screws – Although the use of screws is recommended to address safety concerns, it can be a drawback for those who do not wish to pierce or damage their car interior.
  • Slow draw time – The Lirisy Magnet is not strong enough to allow speedy drawing of the firearm. Purchasing stronger screws does improve the magnet’s firmness to a great extent.
  • No lifetime warranty – Lirisy does not offer any long-term warranty for their car gun magnets.

Is the Lirisy Gun Magnet an excellent choice?

The small, robust build of the Lirisy Gun Magnet makes them the perfect choice for any buyer seeking a versatile, portable magnet that does not compromise on safety. The mandatory need for screws is a massive snag for those looking for car gun magnets with no screws for their handheld firearm. The requirement to make slight tweaks and adjustments by purchasing more durable screws further dents its value. However, the Lirisy Gun Magnet’s positives far outweigh its issues, and with its pretty decent pricing, it is a good purchase for those seeking a portable car gun magnet holder.


There are 2 main ways to install car and truck gun magnets:

  1. The first and the safest is to install car gun magnet with the screws.
  2. The second option is to use screwless gun magnet with a heavy duty double-sided tape.

So let’s go directly with the necessary steps to install the Magnet holster for any gun in the truck or car with the screws:

Step 1. You need to mark the location for installing the weapon magnet on the dashboard or center console.

Mark the location for installing the gun magnets

Step 2. Take a screwdriver or drill and make several holes so that you can screw in the screws and secure the magnetic mount of a pistol or other weapon

Step 3. Screw the gun holder onto the already marked selected together. Use the screws supplied with the installation of the magnetic holder for weapons or purchase additional stronger ones.

Screw the gun holder onto the already marked selected together


Step 4. That’s it, your car or truck gun magnet is ready to use!

That's it, your car or truck gun magnet is ready to use.


One of the most important things to do before making a purchase is to understand what you want. That is why we have prepared a guide to help you with your purchase and to also address any concerns.

What to look for when buying a car gun mount/ holder


The first thing to assess when buying a car gun mount or Holder is compatibility with your weapon and vehicle. Ensure that your intended purchase fits the type of gun you have, where you wish to mount the holder and how you want to install the gun mount. If you have a handgun and do not want to screw into your car, there is no point in buying a weapon that requires you to do so.


The second important criterion is the safety of the intended gun mount. Ensure that the car gun mount/ holder is capable of safely storing your weapon without risk of it slipping or falling. Make sure that your gun is within the weight range of the magnet. While most guns can be supported by one magnet, some guns require a pair of magnets to ensure they are strong enough to hold the weapon.


The next characteristic of a good car gun mount is durability, and where that is uncertain, a good warranty in case the product fails. Always go through forums and read reviews to know what other purchasers of your intended product have to say.  


Every gun magnet comes with its unique features. The best concealers may not be suitable for quick draws. Neither may the holder work with night sights or any other accessory. Not all magnets allow for gun loading without detaching the firearm from the Holder. Carefully scrutinize each feature to determine the best fit. 


Despite the variety of gun mounts/holder types, and the specific instructions that accompany each product, there are several basic steps to follow to install your gun mount. The most straightforward procedures may take as little as 5 minutes while other more complex holders can take up to 30 minutes to install.

Put your car in a stationary mode

Ensure that your car is in Park, and the ignition is off to prevent any accidental movement during installation, which can lead to accidents.

Read the manual

Unpack the product and verify that all the parts that are listed are in the packet. Also, read the manual and ensure that you understand the procedure for installation.

Determine the mode of installation

Most car gun mounts provide for more than one means of installation. Often an adhesive tape serves as an alternative to the much stronger screws. Your decision should depend on the location of the gun and how heavy it is. It is always safer to screw in your magnet if you are using a longer or heavier firearm.

Drill in carefully

If you decide to drill, then do not dig into the surface too fast. Most people make this mistake and end up complaining about the insecure attachment of their magnet holders. When you drill in too fast, you often tend to destroy the threading, weakening the screw’s effectiveness. 

Fix Adhesive Tapes in clean flat surfaces

To guarantee the effectiveness of your adhesive tape, fix it on clean surfaces to ensure that the adhesive is affixed firmly. Adhesive tapes do better on flat surfaces.


Best car gun magnets - Questions

Q: Where are the possible places I can install my car gun mount?

Every day, people come up with more innovative ways to store and conceal their guns. While we leave imagination up to you, these are a few hints on installing a gun magnet in cars.

Beside center console (the side piece)

The side piece is one of the common ways to install a car gun mount. The side console is the best location for car magnet gun holsters aimed at a quick draw and always comes in handy during emergencies.

Car door

If you do not intend to stick a heavy piece, a car gun magnet holder can be installed on your car door. Just avoid slamming your door too hard. It is also advisable that the Holder is screwed in. 

Underneath the Car Seats

The car seat is an excellent location for affixing a gun magnet holder for cars. It conceals the weapon while keeping it accessible.

Q: I am looking for the best guardian gun range car magnet for weapons and ammunition? I am about to go shooting, and I am looking for the most suitable magnet holder for my gun and ammunition.

In most shooting ranges, particularly Guardian gun range car magnets and holders can only be used with firearms. Ammunition with steel jackets is disallowed, and failure to comply will incur a sanction. Any magnet holder or holster on this list will work correctly on any gun range. Good luck.

Q: I am told magnets are harmful to guns. Are magnetic gun holders bad for firearms?

Yes, magnets may alter your gun to a limited extent. Many people are generally reluctant to install a gun magnet in cars, which is one of the excuses for it. While car gun magnets are strong enough to hold your gun, they are too weak to alter its performance.


So, what is the best gun magnet for cars today? There is no straight forward approach to choosing the best gun magnet for your weapon and vehicles. As has been emphasized throughout this review, the decision depends on numerous factors. These include ease of installation, features, compatibility, strength, and durability. There is a perfect magnet to fit your needs and hopefully with this guide, you can make an informed decision.


  1. I wanted to mount a car gun magnet under a desk and wonder if it will loose it’s magnetism over time? Will it also affect the function of the gun?

    • I mounted a gun magnet for cars on my desk, the only problem I see is the blue film finish on my gun that sticks to the magnet. I worry it will slowly wear out over time. No answer to magnetism.

  2. There’s also an issue with gun magnets (if mounted on the center console of a car), if you get into an accident where the gun is loaded and falls off it. I’m thinking the magnet will not be able to hold onto it. I hope they make one that can hold a gun with a trigger guard.


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