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Every single combustion engine relies on spark plugs for smooth operation. Without it, your car’s engine might misfire or will not start at all. Considering the huge selection of 5.7 Hemi spark plugs on the market, choosing the best one is a difficult task. That is why we are here to help you!

Below on this page you can find the best hemi spark plugs for Dodge Ram, Challenger and Charger  recommended by the manufacturer. We have reviewed the most popular products available on Amazon. Read this article to choose the most suitable option for your vehicle. You will also find a quick spark plug buying guide for beginners.

Top 3 Hemi Spark Plugs - Quick Selection

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How Do I Know That it is Time to Change Hemi Plugs?

Here are the major signs of worn-out plugs. You should be able to notice them easily:

  • Rattling and knocking noises. When the pistons are not working properly, you will hear unusual sounds from your engine. Most of the time, it happens due to misfiring. Old plugs might misfire at high speeds, which causes noises.
  • You have difficulties starting your truck.If your Dodge cannot start properly, there is a huge chance that the spark plugs are malfunctioning.
  • Slow acceleration.Malfunctioning plugs seriously reduce the acceleration of the truck. Is your Ram 1500 acts weird and does not accelerate as fast as it used to? Then you might need to replace the plugs.
  • Increased fuel consumption.Worn out plugs are the common cause for poor fuel economy. It happens since your truck cannot receive the proper spark at the right time.

If you experiencing some of these symptoms, do not ignore them. Buy Dodge Ram spark plugs recommended for your model and replace them.

How Can I Find a Spark Plug Replacement for my Ram 1500?

There are many factors to consider when picking spark plugs. They include dimensions, heat range, projection and more. Fortunately, you can find suitable options immediately. Most of the trustworthy manufacturers offer parts finders on their websites. We have listed them below.

Logo of Autolite brand
Autolite: Click here to find Dodge Ram spark plugs recommended for your car. Type in the release year, make and model of your truck in the Parts Finder Wizard to see the list of comparable parts. You can also pick your vehicle manually in the advanced parts finder. 
Logo of Champion brand
Champion: Click the “Find My Part” button on the official website of the company. Choose your vehicle in the drop-down menu and click the “Search” button. You will see a bunch of spare parts suitable for your car, including spark plugs.
Logo of NGK brand
NGK: Find Dodge Ram spark plugs recommended for Ram 1500 on the NGK official website. Click the “Cars, Trucks, SUV” button and choose your vehicle in the list below. You will see all the spare parts from NGK suitable for your car, including plugs.
Bosch Brand Logo
Bosch: Visit this page and choose one of the types of spark plugs. On the next page, click the “Add a Vehicle” button. Find your truck in the list. You will see the list of spark plugs suitable for your vehicle right away.

How Many Spark Plugs in a Hemi 5.7L Engine Do I Need? 

The HEMI Magnum 5.7l engine has two valves per cylinder as well as two spark plugs per cylinder. Therefore, you will need 16 spark plugs for your vehicle in total. 

What is the Difference between Different Ram 1500 Engines?

Modern Ram 1500 trucks come in four engine variants:

Pic of 5.7L HEMI® V8 Engine with eTorque

5.7L HEMI® V8 with eTorque

Pic of 5.7L HEMI® V8 Engine

5.7L HEMI® V8 

Pic of 3.6L Pentastar® V6 Engine with eTorque

3.6L Pentastar® V6 with eTorque

Pic of 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 Engine

3.0L EcoDiesel V6 Engine

Both 5.7L Hemi engines have the same type of spark plugs. As we have mentioned above, you will need 16 spark plugs (2 per cylinder).

The 3.6L and 3.0L engines require different spark plugs. The options listed on our page will not fit.

The same applies to Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 trucks. Only the models with 5.7L Hemi engines support spark plugs from our rating list.

What Types of Spark Plugs Are There?

Even though all spark plugs look similar, they can be very different. Certain products are more efficient than others. Expensive plugs offer better performance and durability. 

The quality of a spark plug depends on the materials. Usually, they are made of copper. However, the premium products are manufactured from iridium or platinum.

There are four types of plugs available on the market. You can read more about each of them below:

  1. Copper/nickel spark plugs. This is the most popular type of spark plug. They have a solid copper core and nickel electrodes. These materials are softer in comparison to platinum or iridium. Therefore, such plugs are much less durable. These plugs are usually best for older, low-voltage vehicles. Because of copper’s high conductivity, some high-performance trucks require them for stable operation.

2. Platinum spark plugs.  The sturdy platinum metal in the electrode of these plugs makes them last longer than their copper counterparts. Thanks to temperature resistance, platinum models tend to run hotter. It helps to prevent the buildup of deposits and fouling. These types of spark plugs are aimed at modern vehicles with an electronic ignition system.

3. Double platinum spark plugs. They are very similar to standard platinum plugs. However, they not only have a platinum center electrode. This type of plug also has platinum on the ground electrode. Thanks to that, double platinum options have a slightly longer life.

4. Iridium spark plugs. They are sturdier than platinum options, so they last for a longer period. Usually, iridium spark plugs last around 25% longer than their platinum counterparts. They have a very small center electrode. Therefore, iridium plugs require less voltage. This is the reason why most of the modern car manufacturers recommend using them.

You need to use the recommended spark plugs for Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi depending on the release year of your vehicle. If you are looking for the most durable option, then you need to pick iridium products.

Most car owners who are looking for the best value prefer platinum products. They combine good longevity and an affordable price.

How Often Do I Need to Change Plugs in Hemi?

The recommended replacement interval depends on the type of plug. It ranges from 10,000 miles for the cheapest copper products to 150,000 for iridium options. Check the manual of your spark plugs to find it out for sure.

Can Spark Plugs Increase Vehicle’s Performance?

Yes. You should try to use recommended spark plugs for Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi or Dodge Challenger. The power output might rise to 5%! Do note that this only applies to older vehicles. Modern engines are already equipped with top-performance plugs, so you might not notice the difference. The biggest performance improvements in most of the cases are a better starting and smoother running engine.

What Type of Spark Plugs Offers the Best Performance?

Copper plugs provide more power than their expensive counterparts. Unfortunately, iridium and platinum are not as conductive as copper is. Expensive options are more likely to overheat under heavy load.

Are the More Expensive Spark Plugs Worth Their Cost?

Yes, they definitely worth the money. Premium plugs are extremely durable and efficient. However, it is up to you whether you should use them.

What is the Spark Plug Gap Specification for Dodge 1500? 

Picture of a Spark Plug's Gap

Check the exact gap specification in the user manual. You can also find the specs on Dodge Ram forums

For the 5.7L Hemi engine, the recommended spark plug gap is 0.043 inches (1.09 mm).

How Do I Gap Spark Plugs? 

You can decrease the gap on some plugs without any special tools. Just press the ground electrode to a hard surface as slow as you can. Do not push it too hard to avoid damaging the center electrode!

To increase the gap, you will need to buy a gap tool. You can get it in local car shops for several bucks. They are also available on Amazon.

Some companies offer plugs that are not designed to be gapped. Do not even try to re-gap these!

Should I Use Grease On Spark Plugs?

If you apply grease on the thread, the tightening of the spark plug increases when applying the same torque. This can cause damage to the part. Moreover, it might come loose due to vibrations. That is why most manufacturers do not recommend using thread lubricants.

Professional mechanics advise against using copper grease.

However, some car enthusiasts use dielectric grease for easier removal of the boot when replacing plugs.

Recommended Spark Plugs For Hemi - including Dodge Ram 1500 5.7

Best Hemi 5.7 Spark Plugs Of All Categories - Quick Reference Table



It is a very cheap yet efficient copper spark plug for Dodge Ram. Even though this plug is not specifically innovative, it is good enough for the price. It is a simple yet efficient product with a nickel tip. Despite the low cost, the construction quality of this plug is on top. Additionally, it is protected with anti-corrosion coating. These plugs should easily last for 25,000 miles (40,000 kilometers) or 2 years.

Overview Autolite is one of the biggest spark plug manufacturers in the United States. According to its official website, it sold more than 11 billion plugs. No wonder the quality of this platinum spark plug is so good! Designed by the best American engineers, this product is made to serve for years. These are some of the most recommended spark plugs for Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi.


This set includes four premium plugs from Bosch manufactured in Germany. They are aimed at delivering top performance and long service life. The ultra-fine wires provide top-notch efficiency. Electrodes of these spark plugs are made of iridium, which makes the product extremely durable. Bosch 9673 is perfectly suitable for Dodge Ram 1500 so it would be a great purchase for you.

Overview This a unique product from DENSO aimed at improving the ignitability of the vehicle. It utilizes proprietary Twin-Tip technology to improve the whole firing performance. This option has two ultra-fine electrodes made of iridium and platinum. They decrease the quenching effect and help to draw the maximum potential out of the engine. Overall, IKH16TT is a highly efficient spark plug that can be used for years without any problems.
Overview This is a decent spark plug with a nickel electrode. Thanks to a bunch of advanced technologies developed by E3, the product offers amazing durability. The manufacturer claims that it will last for 5 years (100 thousand miles), which is comparable with platinum spark plugs. We doubt that it is as sturdy as the iridium models. However, it might be a good option for older Dodge Ram trucks.


Thanks to our guide, now you know how to make the right purchase. There is no need to waste many hours searching the market by yourself. Instead, just pick one of the options from your list. All of them will improve the performance of your truck.

Have you tried any of the products from our list? Share your experience in the comments below! We will be happy to hear your suggestions regarding the best plugs for Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. Let us know if you think we have overlooked any good options in this article.


  1. It’s really tough to change 16 spark plugs, the farther back you go, the more my back hurts. Plus when reaching and the force you need to remove them. I really have to weigh my options if I have to go for the iridium (so I can save my back pain from replacing them) or get the cheaper copper ones (that won’t break my wallet). Thanks for this buyer’s guide, it’s easier for me to compare from what’s out there on the market.

    • When replacing your plugs, your main concern is your physical limitations. I would suggest you go for an iridium type since you replace the plugs by yourself. It is worth the extra bucks than paying for something to relieve your back pain. Also, you would not want to experience an engine that is running rough and would increase your gasoline miles per gallon.

  2. After a thorough research, I went with Bosch Iridium. Knowing that it will be a while again before I have to replace the spark plugs, it will be a relief for me. It will save me from my back pain and I know that this type of spark plugs is for the long run. Thanks for this article.


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