Keeping your guns on your dashboard while driving can be distracting. They keep sliding off and making rattling noises that keep you distracted from your driving. The easiest way to fix that is to get an overhead gun rack.

Overhead gun racks provide easy access, better transportation and can securely keep your guns in place while you drive. Whether your vehicle is a truck or a UTV, there are overhead gun racks that can fit just fine.

This article provides you with an overview of the best overhead gun racks, along with their pros and cons. The information here would help you pick out compatible overhead gun racks for your vehicle.

Benefits of Overhead Gun Rack

  • Prevents distractions when driving: We can easily get distracted with our firearms laying around. Overhead gun racks prove handy by taking the firearm out of the way in a secured position.
  • Protects Firearms from vibrations: If you’re driving on rugged terrain, your gun will jolt and vibrate often. And if you’re not careful, this might lead to an accidental discharge. Your gun rack will keep your firearm stable. So, you stay focused on driving without worrying about the bumpy road.
  • Keep the weapon out of sight: People might get scared if they see you driving around with a firearm laying around. So, it’s best to keep your hunting gun or defensive firearm out of sight.

In the next part of this article, we have outlined the features of overhead gun racks.

Best For Full Size SUV & Trucks: 2-Gun Tactical Overhead Gun Rack By Great Day

Aircraft aluminum makes up the Great Day Center-Lok overhead gun rack for tactical weapons. They have a powder-coat enamel finish that is both sturdy and long-lasting. The Opposing Forces installation mechanism, which was invented by Great Day, secures your guns in place on this overhead gun rack.

You will not have enough headroom with this product, especially if you are taller than 6’2. This is also not the ideal overhead gun rack for Toyota Tacoma because it will be difficult to fit into the model. Because this overhead gun rack is prone to rattling, you may hear a lot of it when driving. Though this overhead gun rack is used to carry tactical weapons, it isn’t exactly designed to hold rifles with optics.


  • Easy installation process
  • No modifications are required
  • Quickdraw
  • Works perfectly with AR pistols


  • Rattles when you drive
  • Does not fit into smaller vehicles
  • Do not hold rifles with optics

Best For Jeep: 2-Gun Overhead Tactical Gun By Great Day

This overhead gun rack for Jeep Wrangler is suitable for utility vehicles that have protective covers to shield the guns from the elements. The Great Day Quick-draw rack features foam-lined gun clips which can safely hold two tactical guns.

The foam-lining improves pistol grip. If you try to squeeze two scoped weapons in, you’ll have some trouble because they’ll rub against your roof covering, causing damage. To repair this, you’d have to make do with paper towels as shims.


  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler
  • Reliable and secure
  • Quick draw
  • Easy mounting
  • Protect your guns
  • Good finishing with black powder-coat


  • Difficulty fitting in rifles with 26″ barrels
  • Quite expensive

Users’ Choice For Trucks: Overhead Gun Rack By Great Day

This overhead gun rack was designed with trucks in mind. Great Day’s Opposing Forces installation technology locks your pistol into place for added security. You won’t need any more drills or screws, and you won’t have to tear up your roof to keep your gun in place with this security system. Although this product is great, you’d have to sacrifice some headroom. So, be careful not to smack your head against the rack. You should also check to see if the model is compatible with your car.


  • Quick draw
  • Easy to install
  • No modifications are required
  • Can securely hold two guns
  • Expands to 54″
  • Very secure holding system


  • Only compatible with trucks
  • Not enough headroom for a tall person
  • Return policy takes time to get approved

Best For UTV: 2-Gun Overhead Gun Rack By Seizmik

With just bars, the Seizmik overhead gun rack stores firearms 1.75″ above the ground. The gun racks, on the other hand, install solidly and securely thanks to their thick plate and steel brackets. The Honda Pioneer 700 is compatible with this product, while the 2016 Yamaha Wolverine will require some adjustments.


  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy and secure


  • Professional assistance might be needed.
  • Not compatible with all UTVs.

Best Universal Truck/UVT Gun Rack: Telescoping Rifle Mount By Big Sky Racks

Big Sky’s overhead gun rack series is compatible with trucks and UTVs and can accommodate telescopic rifles. The rack is versatile and may be placed in any vehicle, including an SUV, car, truck, ATV, or UTV. A heavy-duty nylon hook and look fastening stop, padded brackets that preserve the finishes, and telescoping that fits into all cars are among the product’s features.


  • Universal fit
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Simple features


  • Modifications are required to fit it into some vehicles

Best For Polaris Gun Rack: Overhead Gun Mount By Great Day

For the Polaris Ranger 900 and 570, this quick-draw overhead gun rack works great. They’re strapped to the top of your UTV and keep your guns within easy reach. The overhead gun rack can carry two firearms safely and extends up to 54″ in length. The top of your vehicle protects the gun rack, preventing rust and fading. This product, however, is not compatible with all Polaris Ranger, so be sure to check before you buy.


  • Sturdy and functional
  • Compatible with Polaris Ranger 900 and 570
  • Can extend to 54″


  • Becomes loose after a few months
  • Might need modifications to keep it steady

Features Overhead Truck Roof Gun Rack

Some of the features for overhead gun racks have been outlined below.

  • Adjustability: gun racks can be extended and that helps them fit into vehicles of different parameters.
  • Quick draw: guns are always kept easily within reach.
  • Safe and secure for guns.
  • Protect guns against weather elements.
  • Functionality: some overhead gun racks are made from aircraft aluminum which improves the durability and functionality of the rack.

Characteristics Truck Roof Gun Rack

Overhead gun racks have the following characteristics.

  • Easy access: They allow you to discharge your firearm with ease.
  • Secure transportation for your firearm: They keep your gun safe, secure, and out of sight as you move around.
  • Protect your guns from rust and weather elements

Moving on, we would look at some of the frequently asked questions that you might have about overhead gun racks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing to do before purchasing any tactical overhead gun rack is to check if it is accepted within your state. Several states have different laws and while you’re free to secure your guns in a gun-holder, other states require that you put yours in an overhead gun rack.

Will Having An Overhead Gun Rack Keep My Firearms Organized?

The main functions of overhead gun racks are ease of access and organization. You can’t leave your guns lying around on the dashboard or back seat, which can pose a threat to your safety. Overhead gun racks help you organize your firearms, keeping them within easy reach for when you need them.

How Safe Are Overhead Gun Racks?

Overhead gun racks are safe and reliable and are very important if you always have firearms in your trucks or UTV. Overhead gun racks keep your guns organized and static, in much better positions than lying around on the bed of your truck.

Overhead gun racks are made of superior materials, including airplane aluminum and they are finished in powder-coating. All of these processes make them reliable and sturdy, and difficult to wear and rust.

What Kind Of Security Is Used For Overhead Gun Racks?

Most overhead gun racks use the Velcro technique to strap guns into place. Great Day, for instance, uses its patented opposing forces installation system to ensure that firearms are safely tucked away. Whichever method is used, overhead gun racks are important and come highly recommended.

Are Great Day Overhead Gun Racks Compatible With All UTV/Trucks?

No, Great Day overhead gun racks are not compatible with all UTV or trucks. It is advised that you make the necessary inquiries before you purchase any overhead gun rack for your UTV or truck. The Big Sky overhead gun rack series is tagged universal with trucks and UTVs, but even at that, you still need to make proper research.


Overhead gun racks have a lot of benefits and it does not matter if you are a hunter or a policeman, you need to secure your guns. This is an overview of the best overhead gun racks, as well as their different vehicle specifications. Knowing which overhead gun rack would suit your vehicle would be easier if you go through the information provided in the article.

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