LG G6 Won’t Make The Same Mistake As LG G5

With all the talk about how amazing the new LG G5 was going to be with the modular design, everybody was hyped up for the arrival of the LG G5 but as we all know, the modular design failed to meet our expectation and the LG G5 was considered by many to be a flopped.

Not only was the modules inconvenient to fit on but it was also expensive and users just did not want to spend more on the modules. LG later insisted that they will continue to work on the modular design but according to the report fromWall Street Journal, it looks like LG has finally come to their senses.

According to the report, it looks like LG will listen to what the customers are saying and that they plan to scale back on their modular plans. We could not be happier for LG. The modular design sounded nice on paper but it just did not work in real life.

The report also added that they are hoping that the LG G6 would come with a price tag around the $500-$600 mark. We should be seeing the new LG G6 at MWC this year.

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