Super Mario Run: How Many Actually Bought It?

The Super Mario Run game quickly became one of the most downloaded game the moment it was released. A total of 90million downloads were recorded in the first two weeks but whether those people stay with the app and paid for it is a whole other story.

Fans were shocked when they found out that the Super Mario Run game which was free to download on the AppStore was not free after all. The game was like a trail version and fans had to pay $10 if they wanted to play the full app.

According to the report, only 3.3% of people that downloaded the game paid for the game at the end. Of course, that 3.3% out of 90million is not that bad for a first app but with that kind of fanbase, we were expecting the app to do way better than that.

Maybe things will be slightly different when Nintendo release the game for the Android users. Protection Status