LG G6 To Bring Back One Important Feature

LG introduced us to the new Modular design LG G5 last year and while the idea of the modular design was great, the LG G5 itself wasn’t that great. Fans were also not too happy when LG announce that the LG G5 will not be coming with a wireless charging feature, a feature that was offered on the LG G4.

Well, according to ETNews, the new LG G6 will be coming with the wireless charging feature but that is not the only thing that we should be happy about. They also added that the device could finally be water resistance.

While most of the premium flagship out there is water resistance now, LG has bever adopted the features but that could be happening this year.

It is believed that the new LG G6 will also come with a new design and includes a glass back. We should be seeing the LG G6 at the MWC this year.

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