2018 Ford Bronco: Have We Seen It Somewhere?

The Ford Bronco have out of the US market for years now so most people are expecting to see the new Ford Bronco come with a brand new exterior design. While it is clear that the Ford Bronco will look a lot different from the Ford Bronco of the past, some people believe that the new Ford Bronco will still look very familiar.

That is not because the Ford Bronco will be reusing some of its old design but because it will be designed based on the Ford Ranger. Like the Bronco, the Ranger have been taken out from the US market years ago, however, the truck was still being sold in markets like Australia.

In fact, there is also an SUV that is built based on the Ford Ranger in Australia and some people think that the new Ford Bronco will just be the Ford Everest with a Bronco badge here in the US.

However, there is nothing to fear since we know that the new Ford Bronco will be coming in with a shortened version of the T6 platform which means it will most likely be getting a different design.

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