Shadow of Mordor 2: Should We Just Let It Go

After the release of the first game, fans have already started speculating that there might be a sequel to the game especially when the developer was out there talking about how they will be doing more with the Nemesis system in the future. The ending of the game also helps fuel the rumor.

The developers, however, have never really announced that they plan to work on a sequel in the near future. While rumors like these will usually die down for a while, the fans of Shadow of Mordor only got moe excite especially after it was reported that the game was spotted in a resume of a stunt actress.

We were hoping to see the game at one of the many gaming events and shows this year but that did not happen. At this point, we are ready to believe that no sequel is in the making. How about you?

If Monolith were to create a sequel, what are you hoping to see? The fans are saying that they are hoping the new game would allow them to travel out of Mordor this time around. Protection Status