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We love Dodge trucks, but getting into one can be difficult sometimes, especially for our kids. Thankfully, we have side steps to help us hop on our trucks with ease. They also help protect your paint job from unwanted scratches and damages.

This guide takes you through the strongest and the best running boards for Ram 1500 – 3500 on the market, as well as a few teaser products for a hurried car-kits shopping. We’ve also included a comparison table for our top picks, a guide on installing ram running boards for Dodge Ram 1500, and a FAQ section.

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Comparison of The Best Electric Dodge Ram Running Boards





AMP PowerStep 76239-01A

2018-2019 Ram cabs 1500, 2500, 3500

  • Great build quality
  • Unique design
  • Impressive weight limit
  • Doesn’t fit all cabs as advertised

Great product. But installation may require professional assistance

AMP PowerStep 76139-01A

2016-2017 Ram cabs 1500/2500/3500

  • Excellent product quality
  • Sturdy look
  • Installation is a bit challenging

Powerstep boards are a bit expensive. But, if you can afford it, it’s a great buy!

AMP Research 76138-01A

2013-2015 models of Ram 1500/2500/3500

  • Unique design
  • Strong build
  • Not easy to install (takes up to 5 hours)

Another amazing product from AMP Research. However, installation material is a bit complicated. You may need professional assistance.

ARIES 3047912

Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 Crew Cabs

  • Unique two-step design
  • Strong build
  • Light-weighted bars

Beautiful design. A truly innovative product. Worth every penny.

AMP PowerStep 75138-01A-B

  • 2019 Ram 1500 Classic
  • 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2010-2018 Dodge Ram 2500/3500
  • Sturdy look
  • Impressive weight limit

  • Great build quality
  • It May require some drilling

Excellent build quality, as expected from AMP. Installation process is a bit challenging.

Comparison of Best Fixed Running Boards for Dodge Ram 1500 / 3500





DT Matte Black Running Boards by Mopar

2019-2020 Ram 1500 models

  • Excellent product quality
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Sturdy look

Unique design and strong quality product from Mopar.

Tyger Auto TG-AM2C20248

  • 2019 – 2020 Ram 1500
  • 2020-2022 2500/3500HD Crew Cab
  • Quality Build
  • Sleek design
  • Good weight limit
  • Easy to install
  • Popping off the caps can be a bit challenging.

Great product! An absolute buy.

Tyger Auto TG-BL8D7168

2009-2018 Dodge Ram 15002019-2022 Ram 1500 Classic)2010-2022 2500/3500 Crew Cab

  • Great value for money
  • Unique design
  • Clean finishing
  • Bolt-on installation
  • The package sometimes comes damaged with missing nuts and bolts.
  • Requires drilling for 2009-2011 models of crew cabs

Unique and affordable side steps with great build quality.

Two Absolutly The Best Dodge RAM Running Boards Of The 2022

Best Overall Running Board For Dodge Ram 1500 – AMP 76239-01A Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards

This side step is a suitable RAM 1500 running board for your vehicle. It is a powerful running board invented by AMP Research. It is an electrically enhanced automatic running board. It also instantly stretches itself when you open the car’s door, then recoils itself from sight when the door is jammed. It has a smooth, shiny design and aids in all-season reliability and performance.

AMP Research 76239-01A is known for solid alloy elements and steel ledgers for grounded stability. Among its core features is its ability to extend and recoil automatically. Making entering and exiting the vehicle very easy. The powerful running board has an in-built LED lighting system. It is coated in military-type finesse, which repels rusting and wearing out. The pack comes with installation guides for your easy understanding and has a 5-year warranty.


  • Automated drop-down and retraction: The Aluminum running board suspends by itself on opening and retracts on closing the door of your truck.
  • Unique lower drop than other available running boards.
  • Complete ground clearance
  • Auto depinching kit , integrated to ensure the running board doesn’t clash with any blockade.
  • Extra wide 7-inches stepping for easy usage by all.


  • Great build quality
  • Unique design
  • Impressive weight limit


  • Doesn’t fit all cabs as advertised

Best User’s Choice Dodge RAM Running Boards – AMP Research 76139-01A PowerStep Running Boards

This is a new invention known as Powerstep Smart Series, bringing extra bridling to the electrically enhanced running board. With its in-app support, you control the running boards from your fingertips.

The 76139-01A series comes with an overriding command, including an on/off girdle, which puts you in absolute control. It is equipped with an integrated LED lighting and is mostly compatible with the 2015-2022 Ford f-150 Vehicle. With the Smart Series, you will care less about manual overrides. Its build-up is designed to suit modern truck styles. The App is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones.


  • Synthetic running boards interfaced with a usable mobile phone app
  • Powered alloy composition, safe from corroding and rusting
  • Comes with a powder coated black steel
  • Expansive seven inches spread for stepping
  • Fitted with a distinct vehicle installation kit
  • Supplementary port for extra LED lights


  • Excellent product quality
  • Sturdy look


  • Installation is a bit challenging. You may require professional help to install.

Top Manufacturers Of Running Boards For Dodge Ram 1500 – 3500

AMP Research


Though not as old as the Mopar brand, the AMP team has proved themselves worthy contenders in the auto parts markets. They focus primarily on designing and developing innovative solutions for everyday challenges faced by pickup owners. AMP research has manufactured a great product line of innovative Powersteps, Bedsteps, and Bedxtenders – as they are called.

The AMP Research magic all takes place in Tustin, California. They own a 55,000 square foot research center focused on providing solutions to the challenge faced by the average truck owner. They have gotten recognition for their enormous contribution to the auto market. In 2016 they were certified by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) for supplying products of the highest quality standards.

ARIES Automotive

This automobile parts giant should not be confused with the zodiac sign, ‘Aries’. However, we could say the ARIES brand is as rugged as the ram, which is the zodiac sign symbol. ARIES Automotive has flooded the aftermarket auto parts industry with several innovative products for Jeeps, SUVs, CUVs, and trucks.

Their product line spans custom-fit grille guards, bull bars, sidebars, running boards, Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Gladiator accessories. They are a subsidiary of Lippert company.

Tyger Auto


The Tyger Auto brand has been around since 2013. They have produced remarkable accessories such as tonneau covers, running boards, bumper guards, fender flares, outdoor gear, and other off-road accessories. The leaders of Tyger Auto are aftermarket experts from the US and Canada. The company has its headquarters situated in California.

You’ll find some impressive ram truck running boards manufactured by Tyger Auto on our list of recommended products.


In 1937, Chrysler started as a brand. However, it was first introduced in the 1920s to be used on the Chrysler Motor Part antifreeze cans. Mopar served as the services, customer care, and parts division of its former parent company – Chrysler corporation. But, Chrysler Corp was bought by Stellantis, an automobile manufacturer based in the Netherlands.


The term ‘Mopar’ was coined from the words “Motor” and “Parts.” After the Chrysler sale, Mopar gained a broader use by car enthusiasts. The brand name was used to refer to all vehicles built by the former Chrysler Corporation. The Mopar journey started 87 years ago. Today they are among the top manufacturers of motor parts, including the Dodge Ram running boards.

Benefits of Using Ram Running Boards

Although side steps do not make vehicles perform better, they help solve some challenges you experience while using your ram trucks, especially extra-large trucks.

Here are some advantages of using ram truck running boards:

  • They help you get into your vehicle easier. With nerf boards, you and your passengers can get into your truck with ease. Getting into a truck shouldn’t be like climbing a tree.
  • They protect your paint job. The lower parts of your truck are protected debris that might ruin your paint job.
  • They serve as a doormat—dust off the dirt from your boots before hopping into your truck.
  • Give your truck a new look. Getting a running board upgrade makes your truck look even cooler.

Full Review Of The Other Notable RAM Running Board Products

Best Reliabile Running Boards For Dodge RAM – AMP Research 76138-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards

This latest AMP Research 76138-01A XL PowerStep invention features a jagged, bold design. It has a 3” down stepping, lower than the initial PowerStep™. This XL Ram running board is specifically made for your lifted trucks. The railing is built with 6063 Marine alloy steel, a fused bracket system, and precision ledgers for grounded stability, supporting about 600 pounds. The product has hurdle-free maintenance and is capable of self-lubrication. Suitable for lifted trucks and SUVs. It is compatible with 2002-2022 Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, and ram running boards 2500 & 3500.


  • Powered electrically to deploy and recoil for easy access of your vehicle
  • A sub-positioned in-built LED lighting
  • Provides 3 inches drop platform for stepping on


  • Unique design
  • Strong build


  • Not easy to install. You may require professional assistance to install.

Best Design RAM Runnging Boards – ARIES 3047912 ActionTrac 79-Inch Retractable Powered Running Boards – The Best Running Boards for Dodge Ram 3500 2015 Crew All Cabs

If you are looking for a suitable running board for the Ram Crew All Cabs, then the Aries 3047912 is just what you need. It is hard not to love the running boards’ bold design-, a common feature of the incredibly stylish Aries brand. They are the best 2015 Dodge Ram Running Boards in the market at the moment. Besides being compatible with the Ram 3500, they are compatible with select Crew All Cabs from 1500 to 3500. Although Aries is quick to brand its product as next-gen power steps, we must know what features these Ram Running Boards possess that set them apart from the existing competition.

Features of the Aries ActionTrac

  • Unique design: The ActionTrac features a bold look that makes it an attractive choice for Trucks.
  • Retractable: A beautiful feature about these power steps is that they are retractable, coming to life once the door opens.
  • Durable: This ActionTrac is made of powder-coated aluminum that ensures that the product can survive the rigors of the road and off-road use.
  • Easy Access: The unique two-step access of this running board ensures that users easily access lifted or larger vehicles without much difficulty.

Best Seller Dodge Ram 1500 Running Boards – The PowerStep 75138-01A-B Electric Powered Running Boards

When AMP Research’s Powerstep first entered the market, its USP was durability. They were not wrong. The Powerstep has an uncanny ability to survive wear and tear with zero maintenance. Now onto compatibility. The Power Step consists of die-cast aluminum, coated and anodized. The result is an extremely strong, corrosion-resistant product with a precise design and zero need for maintenance. If you seek the durable power running boards ram 1500 has, this is the perfect purchase. They are suitable for the 1500 Ram Classic 2019 and the All Cabs Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500.

These ram truck running boards have extruded aluminum steps that possess an intimidating appearance. These steps have a textured powder coat finish that maximizes grip. Capable of handling up a combined total of 1200 pounds of weight on both sides, strength is one feature these running boards do not lack. But there’s more.

Features of the Ram Truck Running Boards

  • Strength: These boards are built to withstand the weight thanks to their aluminum build.
  • Durability: The 75138-01A-B can go the distance with minimal wear and tear.
  • Grip: The product possesses a textured powder coat finish that maximizes grip.
  • LED light system: An integrated LED light system ensures visibility at night and improves safety.

Most Durable Dodge Ram 1500 Running Board – DT Matte Black Running Boards by Mopar

Few running boards meet the needs of Crew Cabs as this Mopar product. From its looks, it’s easy to understand that the aim of this product is simply minimizing slippage and showcasing a simplistic yet intimidating look. If there are any owners of these Ram boards – sold in pairs only – they can be assured that their Mopar won’t rust.

Rather, you will have a distinctive look that will be a perfect 2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Running Board. Its premium molded design is skid-resistant, highly functional, and supported by strengthened brackets to support the weight. Please note that these boards are not compatible with front splash guards and are only built for Ram Crew Cabs.

Features of the Mopar Ram Running Boards

  • Crew Cab Built: These Running Boards are specifically built for the Crew Cab.
  • Unique Design: This board is specially designed to be skid-resistant, minimize slippage, and support the weight.
  • Durable: This is an incredibly durable set of running boards that can withstand the test of time.
  • Strength: Thanks to the Ram Running Boards E-coated brackets, the Running boards possess an incredibly strong substructure that maximizes the product’s durability.

Best Budget 1500 Ram Crew Cab Running Board – Tyger Auto TG-AM2C20248 Star Armor Kit Ford

Forged with carbon steel and showcasing a unique triple tube design – Tyger Auto makes a statement with its Star Armor kit line of crew cab running boards.

These nerf bars are suitable for 2020-2022 models of ram 2500/3500HD crew cabs. It also fits perfectly with the 2019-2022 Dodge ram 1500 and the Chevy Silverado trucks.

The star armor kit can load up to 300 pounds. Also, it features a rust-resistant coating which ensures your sidebars still look good after months of exposure to rain and other corrosive substances. The joints on these ram running boards are properly welded to prevent rain from getting into the tubes.

Tyga Auto made these side steps strong, affordable, and easy to install. The tools you’ll need to install it are a flat head screwdriver (or something flat to loosen the caps,) a ratchet, and a tarp or something to go under the truck.


  • Quality Build
  • Sleek design
  • Good weight limit
  • Easy to install


  • Popping off the caps can be a bit challenging.

Best Fixed Side Steps For Ram 1500 Crew Cabs – Tyger Auto TG-BL8D7168 Blade Running Boards

At a price of roughly $430, Tyger does a fine job with the TG blade running boards. They’re one of the best running boards for ram 1500 trucks. These side steps are 88″ long and 6.8″ wide. They are compatible with 2009-2018 models of Ram 1500 pickups Also, and these sidebars fit perfectly with your 2500/3500 crew cabs.

Like the Star Boards, they can take up to 300 pounds of weight and a distinctive design which Tyga Auto boards always strive to accomplish.

Asides from design, this product also does well with the build quality. It is an 85.1 pounds carbon steel bar that holds up pretty well in the long run. This ram running board is also coated with their signature E-rust coating, which keeps your side steps looking good.


  • Great value for money
  • Unique design
  • Clean finishing
  • Bolt-on installation


  • The package sometimes comes damaged with missing nuts and bolts.
  • Requires drilling for 2009-2011 models of crew cabs.

Installing Steps Of the AMP Research PowerStep Electric Running Boards for Dodge Ram 1500

Installing electric running boards for ram 1500 might seem a bit challenging sometimes. You might even get overwhelmed by merely seeing the contents of the product box. Not to worry, we are here to help.

This video by LethalGarage takes you through a detailed AMP Research power step installation process for your ram 1500 truck.

Here’s an overview of how to install the PowerStep running board for Ram 1500 :

Step 1: Go through the box to ensure all parts are in place.

Step 2: Mount Relocating Brackets

At the driver’s side, remove the main bracket. You’ll need a 10 millimeters screw for it. Install the relocation bracket.

Step 3: Install Motors

Tighten the motor to the front idler using bolts and washers. Rear idlers do not have motors.

Step 4: Install Idlers

Install front and rear idler—repeat procedures for the passenger side of the truck.

Step 5: Mount Side Steps

Measure 7 ½ inches from the front wheel (at the start of the front fender ). This point marks the start of your side steps. Place your side steps to fit front and rear idlers. Repeat process for both the passenger side.

Step 6: Install Wiring Harness

Run the motor and light cables through the engine block, down to the motors for connection. Remove the fuse cable from your vehicle’s fuse block (this is done to kill the power of your truck to avoid damaging the motors). Connect your negative and positive terminals. Attach the fuse when all terminals have been installed correctly.

Step 7: connect ODB to Port

Drilling may be required to pass wires through the engine bed to the driver’s side of the truck where the ODB port is connected. See the video for more details.

Step 8: Connect lights

Lastly, connect the lights of your power step boards.

Ensure you go through the video to see the outlined steps in detail. Now, I’ll be answering frequently asked questions about installing ram running boards.

How to Clean and Maintain Running Boards

Side steps are tough places to clean completely. They’re very close to your tires so they always get a fair amount of dirt when you drive. Also, they get a lot of mud, snow, and sand on them when you step on them. Here, we’ll show you how you can clean your running boards to keep them looking good. Also, we’ll give you tips on certain products you shouldn’t apply on your running boards.

3 Easy steps to clean your RAM 1500 running boards:

  • Start with a pressure washer. You might need a pressure washer to help remove some dirt depending on the start of your running board. The pressurized water coming out of the washer would help remove tough dirts stuck on your board.
  • Use a rag to wash. Running boards get very dirty, so, it’s advisable to use a different rag to wash your side steps. Using the same rag used on your paint could leave scratches on your truck due to dirt particles stuck on the rag.
  • Use a hard brush to scrub. You’re almost done. Now, use a hard brush to scrub your side steps to remove residual dirt. Brushing would pick out tiny sand particles and other debris that survived through the previous steps.
  • Rinse properly. Use water to rinse off soap and residual dirt from your side steps
  • Dry it off. Now, use a dry rag to clean off your side steps. You’re all set!

What you shouldn’t do

The surface of running boards usually have plastics on them so we’re tempted to apply dressings to keep it looking glossy. Well, you shouldn’t avoid applying dressings on your boards. Why? silicon -based dressings like Island Shine, and solvent-based dressing equivalents are very slippery. You could fall off when you try to get into your truck. However, if you must apply dressings on your ram running boards, use very little quantity of dressing on it.

Dodge RAM 1500 Running Boards FAQ

Q: Will I use up more gas with Running Boards ?

Yes. Your gas mileage would drop after installing running boards on your truck. Side steps weigh several pounds which adds extra weight to your vehicle. It’s advisable to look out for light-weighted bars.

Q: Are RAM nerf bars and running boards the same?

Nerf bars and running boards serve the same purpose, and are typically installed in the same manner. The difference between these accessories is found in the stepping area. RAM Nerf bars are more aesthetically pleasing than running boards but they offer a smaller stepping area. Whereas, running boards give you larger room to place your legs before you step into your truck.

Q: Must I install Dodge RAM side steps?

No, you don’t necessarily have to install running boards on your RAM truck. They come with their advantages, but they do not increase the overall performance of your vehicle. But, you can get a running board upgrade if you’re having trouble getting into your truck. Or, if you want to protect your vehicle from roadside debris and side collisions.

Q: How much weight can running boards handle?

Running boards usually hold up to 300 lbs of weight at a time. But, you can get side steps with higher capacity of up to 500 lbs in the market.

Q: Do running board upgrades void a Dodge Ram warranty?

It depends on your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty policy. Some installations may require drilling, which could damage your vehicle’s warranty.

Q: Can I remove the side steps mounted by my Ram manufacturer?

Yes. If you have the right tools, you can easily unmount the running boards installed by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Most running boards in US vehicles are attached to the truck with bolts. With the right tools, you can easily have your boards removed within 40 minutes.


Dodge Ram running boards are an essential accessory that helps you and your passengers easily enter and exit your truck. Moreover, they protect your vehicle from road debris and minor side collisions when you’re on the move or when your truck is parked.

But, you don’t have to go for the upgrade if you don’t see a need for it. However, if you’ve made up your mind to get a best running board for your RAM 1500, 2500 or 3500, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’ll be worth every penny spent.

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