Jeep Gladiator Bed Covers Comparison Table


Best Overall Choice

Good Value Choice


Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Rugged Ridge Armis Hard Rolling Bed Cover



Rugged Ridge








  1. Weather-resistant and classy matte finish
  2. Foldable in three distinct positions with 100% access to the bed
  3. Carpeted undercover and integrated luminous rail light
  1. Premium matte black woven dirt-resistant fabric
  2. Low profile design with a flush-mount look


The aluminum panel may have sharp edges

Less sturdy material

Bed Access




28 x 68 x 8 inches

80.5 x 13 x 11 inches


70 pounds

1 pound





5 years

5 years

Carpeted Panel





Matte Fabric


Simple installation without tools needed

Simple installation without tools needed

Top Jeep Gladiator Bed Cover Makers


UnderCover Truck Bed Makers logo

Undercover began producing tonneau covers in 2001, after being created in 1999. The UnderCover Classics were their first tonneau cover collection. The brand is recognized with developing the groundbreaking one-piece ABS bed cover. They were the first to create a competitive alternative to fiberglass truck bed covers. The company is known for producing low weight covers that combine synthetic materials for strength and durability.

Undercover is always coming up with new Gladiator bed cover designs to meet the expectations of consumers. Their first one-piece cover was quickly followed by covers that matched the OEM color of trucks. The LUX design came first, followed by the Elite and Elite LX designs. The FLEX cover was created in response to a demand for a durable tri-folding cover. This included a lid with a low profile and flush-fit design that could be locked in three different settings.

The ULTRA FLEX is the most recent version, with more appealing features such as a carpeted underside that further protects the bed contents. All of these new patterns can be utilized as bed covers for jeep gladiators. In 2010, UnderCover Inc. became a part of Truck Hero Inc.

Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge logo

This is a firm that specializes in the production and distribution of Jeep parts and accessories. Rugged Ridge is a division of OMIX, a well-known Jeep part replacement and repair firm. Omix is the largest and most independent firm in the world, with a complete line of Jeep components and accessories. Rugged Ridge was founded in 2005 to cater to specialized Jeep part requirements. One of these requirements was the creation of Jeep bed covers.

UnderCover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Jeep Gladiator Cover (Best Overall Choice)

Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Bed Cover

The Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is a worthy upgrade of the Flex Cover. This Jeep gladiator bed cover is made of strong non-ferrous aluminum panels. It has a stylish black matte finish. The design is flush mount and low-profile, giving an exquisite look. The non-ferrous aluminum makes it rust-resistant.

This tonneau bed cover is tri-fold. The carpeted under-paneling is a standout element. Not only that, but there is also a visible LED bed rail light.

An automated latching mechanism is included with the UnderCover Ultra Flex Gladiator bed cover. Rubber seals around the perimeter keep the bed waterproof.

The Ultra Flex Cover is affixed to the bed rails. When the necessity arises, it is also simple to remove.

A five-years guarantee is included with the Ultra Flex Jeep Gladiator bed cover. You may rest easy knowing that it is a no-hassle guarantee. The cover is made in the United States, and a customer service team based in the United States is available to answer any questions.


  • Tri-fold design with a non-ferrous aluminum material
  • Easy and quick to fix
  • 100% access to the bed
  • Auto-Latching mechanism
  • LED bed rail light
  • Carpeted Under-panelling


  • The aluminum may have sharp edges

Rugged Ridge Armis Hard Rolling Jeep Gladiator Bed Cover (Good Value Choice)

1Rugged Ridge Armis Hard Rolling Bed Cover

Rugged Ridge, a firm recognized for Jeep accessories and parts, is the marker of the Armis Hard Rolling Bed Cover. This bed cover for a Jeep Gladiator is fabricated with woven fabric with a black matte finish. It is a rolling bed cover that is dirt-resistant. The cover has a flush mount appearance.

This cover’s fixing and removal may be completed in a matter of seconds. The gladiator bed is now fully accessible. Aluminum slats are pressure-bonded to the fabric giving it more resilience. The bed cover has a warranty for five years in place.


  • Premium black matte woven fabric
  • Has resistance to dirt
  • Low profile and flush-mount design
  • Ease of fixing and removal
  • Complete access to the bed


  • Low in strength
  • Low resistance to weather

Key Features of a Jeep Gladiator Bed Cover

To make an excellent buying decision, you need to be equipped with adequate information about the products. Here is a list of important features you should look out for in choosing a gladiator jeep bed cover.

Gladiator Bed Covers type

Tonneau covers come in different types and styles. For a Jeep Gladiator, there are primarily two types of tonneau covers. These are the hard bed cover types and the soft covers.

Soft Covers

This agrees with the name, it is soft with a flexible material. The soft tonneau cover may tear under intense pressure because it has less strength. The major advantage of the soft jeep gladiator bed cover is that it can allow more loads in the bed than the hard. Because it is made of flexible materials, it will accommodate the bends and folds that extra loads may bring in the bed.

Another positive to soft bed covers is the ease of lifting them since they are light-weighted. Soft gladiator jeep covers are quite cheap to purchase and so they can be a good cost-cutting option. Due to their lightness, soft covers can easily get ripped. This is a downside to securing the contents of your gladiator bed. The cover can also tear under heavyweights of snow or hail.

Hard Covers

These are quite rigid, tough, and almost not flexible covers. The hard gladiator tonneau covers are not accommodating beyond the bed space as in the case of soft covers. The cover offers a higher degree of security and safety to the truck bed. The hardness shields the bed contents from adverse weather and theft.

The materials of hard covers are sturdier and thus resist force and pressure. It does not tear meaning increased durability and longevity. Since there are obviously more engineering and material investments going into the hard tonneau cover, it is more pricey.

Functionality Of Gladiator Bed Cover

The functionality of a gladiator bed cover refers to the manner of the opening of the cover. The way the cover can be opened is a factor that must be well considered when choosing to purchase. There are about four functionalities for Jeep gladiator tonneau covers. These are:

Hinged Covers

Like the name depicts, hinged covers are attached with hinges in place. They come as one solid piece of cover that can are fixed with hinges to the truck bed. These tonneau covers allow for only one kind of movement, like a hinged lid. Mostly, hinged bed covers don’t allow full access to the truck bed. Fixing hinged tonneau covers can be hard because of the hinges and they are often heavy. The hinged Jeep gladiator bed covers come only in the hard types.

Roll-up Covers

Roll-up jeep bed covers are excellent with the ability to roll the cover way up to allow full access to the truck bed. The rolled cover can be safely secured in that position making it quite flexible. This kind of bed cover can be of the soft or hard type. The roll-up covers offer a good degree of versatility since you can easily roll it up rather than remove it completely to access the full bed.

Tri-Fold Covers

This type of cover offers three different position openings of the tonneau cover. This is an advancement to the roll-up design of bed covers. It can give between two-third to full access to the truck bed depending on the level of folding. The beauty of this cover is that you can take out things from the bed without necessarily opening the cover completely. The Tri-fold covers can be hard or soft types.

Retractable Covers

The retractable jeep bed covers can slide into opening or closing positions. This cover has a sliding mechanism that is responsible for its opening and closing. There are the manual and the automatic covers. Retractable gladiator tonneau covers can slide or coil up depending on the specific design.

The manual retractable tonneau bed cover for the jeep gladiator will require physical pushing or drawing it in or out of positions. The automatic on the other hand has a button or lever that controls the sliding movement. Some even come with a remote controller for the opening and closing. The main downside to the retractable bed covers is that they may not give full access to the bed once installed.

Jeep Gladiator Bed Cover Material

The type of material that the Jeep gladiator bed cover is made of goes a long way to determine its durability and strength. The quality of the material is also what accounts for the tonneau cover’s waterproof nature. This property is very important since the cover is constantly being exposed to adverse weather conditions. The less durable material will mean a short time of spoilage and need for replacement.

There are four major kinds of materials that are used for a gladiator tonneau cover. We have fiberglass covers, canvas covers, vinyl covers, and ABS polymer covers. Fiberglass is the traditional material used for hard tonneau covers with a lot of strength and weight. The ABS polymer material makes a lightweight cover. It is made of a network of plastics molded together. This is a more modern material used in making gladiator bed covers. Vinyl is used in covering the aluminum that is used in making many hard tonneau covers. Many are also covered with matte finishings. Canvas is soft and so are common with folding covers.

Installation Of Gladiator Tonneau Cover

Gladiator bed covers can be installed temporarily and permanently. The permanent installations involve drilling and some technical knowledge. This is usually done by a professional. The temporary installation is the more common one. It is quite preferred because it gives room for complete removal of the bed cover when there is a need to convey larger cargo.

Temporary installation of Jeep gladiator tonneau cover involves the bed rails. There is usually no need for any special tools or drilling. It can be easily done by the truck owner in less time. This is an important feature that must be determined before making a purchase. The permanent installation does not give room for complete removal of the bed cover when there is an urgent need for the full bed space.

Size and Compatibility

Each truck has a specific size..

Final Thoughts on the Best Jeep Gladiator Bed Cover

This has been a comprehensive review of several options available as Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Cover. For an effective combination of all the important features and the best value for money, the Undercover Ultra Flex is the real deal. It does not only have a stylish matte finish on a durable aluminum panel, but it also has a carpeted under-paneling. It is a good combination of quality, class and durability.

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