Apple iPhone 8 Will Go Back To The Past?

The reason why the Apple iPhone 8 is getting so much attention is because a lot of people believe that Apple has been holding back so that they can impress their fans with this particular model. Since this year is also the 10th year the iPhone has been around, people are expecting something special.

While we still have no idea what Apple will be bringing forward, new rumors are now saying that Apple might be going back to the past to look for design inspiration. According to ETNews, the new Apple iPhone 8 will come with a design that is inspired by the very first iPhone. The chubby round device that we got 10 years ago.

They added that the iPhone 8 will have all the curves. It was also reported that while the iPhone 8 will come with an OLED display, it will still be sporting a relatively flat display.

What do you think of this design direction? Protection Status