Samsung Bixby: Don’t Get Too Excited Yet

We already knew that the Samsung Galaxy S8 was going to come with a new AI Assistant. In fact, we have already known for some time that the new AI Assistant is going to be called Bixby and now Samsung has given us more details about Bixby.

From what we hear, Bixby works exactly like all the other AI Assistant out there. It responds to voice commands and does what need to be done. Samsung added that the Bixby will continue to try and understand the user by asking for more information of the direction is not clear enough.

So far, we have not seen or heard anything that can really set the Bixby apart from the other AI we have now. Maybe Samsung is keeping some details back as they might be related to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be announced on the 29th of March. Protection Status